Victory Road Overview: The Kettle And The Tea Pot

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Victory Road Overview: The Kettle And The Tea Pot

Heading into Victory Road, Angelina Love was a bitch with a vengeance. She tore through Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky, using her new friend—the steel chair. Love then set her sights on Madison Rayne's Knockout's Title, but was her fury enough to overcome the Career Killer? Watch here.

Angelina's out first with a nice new top. She does her usual ass-in-our-face shtick and then the Knockout's Champion comes out. Madison is dressed in a flesh-colored attire, and her horse-tail extensions are draped over her shoulders. We basically see the exact same entrance twice until the bell rings.

Angelina knees the champ in the gut, prompting Madison to kick her in the midsection. They trade multiple shots back and forth until Madison takes Angie down by her tracks. Angelina does the same twice, ending the short back and forth with a spear to Madison. The champ then tries to find refuge on the outside, but instead finds herself being chased. She misses a backhand and is nailed to the ground by a clothesline. Angelina sends her back into the ring, going for a pin and finding two.

She goes for another spear that garners her yet another two. Angelina tries to stay on the attack, prepping for a power-slam but getting raked in the eyes instead. Madison pounds Angelina to the corner. Madison chokes her on the turnbuckle, then rams her face into the parallel turnbuckle. The champion holds Angelina in a front  face-lock, kneeing her repeatedly and then hitting a neck-breaker for two.

She continues her onslaught, driving Angelina's face into the mat multiple times with her patented "scissors stomp". Ok, then. The champ goes for the kill quickly, setting up her guillotine-like finisher but ends up clotheslined. Angelina follows up with a jawbreaker, bouncing off the ropes, ducking a clothesline, and then hits one of her own. She then hits a hair takedown and a spinning heel-kick, signaling the crowd for a big reaction.

It's really quite amazing how over Angelina is with the crowd. With little to no buildup from TNA, it's crazy how much they like her. I guess, like me, the crowd just likes her badass, take-no-shit attitude, and it shows here. The former champion goes for Madison again, but finds her face dug into her opposition's knee. Madison then heads to the outside, seemingly trying to set up the DDT into the chair that Angelina used on her partners.

But as she heads inside the ring Angelina hits the Botox Injection into the chair and she finds steel crushed against her face. Just as this happens, however, some random biker drives into the match.

As Angelina beckons the biker to bring it on, Madison knocks her outside. The woman dressed in black then rams Angelina into the steel ring post! Sick! The ref tries to uncover her identity, but she shoves the referee off! Madison is disqualified and Angelina becomes the first ever four-time Knockout's Champ! Madison rides off with the masked woman and the segment ends.

Well, I can't say I'm disappointed. I thought the match was pretty good although I know  they could've done a lot more, and the way it ended actually didn't bother me. I actually liked the ending, because everyone and their mothers were expecting Velvet to turn on Madison, costing her the championship and rejoining Angelina to form the original Beautiful People. The biker chick who came in creates, and has already created, tons of buzz for TNA, because as we know, the Knockouts are one of the most-viewed on TNA on a weekly basis.

It was reported that the masked woman is Tara, and I don't doubt this for two reasons. One, reports are usually never wrong, and it was reported last month that TNA came to an agreement with Tara at the last minute. The second reason is that the masked woman was wearing Tara's boots, so yeah. Still, it'd be a cool swerve if TNA brought this Mia Yim chick in as the mystery girl.

This ending also means that Madison vs Angelina isn't over. We all know the stipulations stated that if one of the Beautiful People interfered, Angelina would win, but this biker chick isn't a Beautiful Person. Now I question where TNA can go from here.

If this biker is actually Tara, then what? All of a sudden she's friends with Madison? Does she join the Beautiful People? TNA has a great shot here at re-starting their once-great division again, because as the old saying goes, "controversy creates cash!"


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