New TNA Tag Team Champions: Do They Deserve It?

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2010

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall will go down as two of the most laughable tag team champions in TNA history, but are the Motor City Machine Guns worthy of the titles they have finally won?

Let’s break down the X Factors of being worthy champions.


Wrestling Ability:

Alex Shelley’s chain wrestling skills are among the best in mainstream wrestling today. There’s also a European touch to his move set, but unlike many European grapplers, Shelley’s moves receive a more favorable response from the casual wrestling crowd.

Chris Sabin is a much more hard-hitting wrestler compared to Shelley. That Hesitation Dropkick is not at all pretty. Team moves are a specialty of MCMG, and they do it better than any other tag team in TNA.

Final Say: Very good tag team wrestling, all that is missing is distinct finisher. The Frogsplash/neckbreaker combo is cool, but give it a name already (if there is one, feel free to wipe the egg off my face).


Mic Skills:

Chris Sabin’s mic skills are not great, to say the least. When MCMG seemed to be hitting the big time during their feud with Team 3D, he signed off a killer promo (after MCMG cleaned house) by saying:

“We are the Motor City Machine Guns, and we are, made in Detroit!”

Alex Shelley is the Barney Stinson of wrestling at times. He’s a unique talker, mostly equipped with mother jokes and fat jokes.

All in all, this team can talk, unlike most X Division tag combinations. However, there never seems to be a common link between their promos.

The best talkers in wrestling always find a common pattern, but these two seem to be all over the place more often than not.

Final Say: Average mic skills, but we have seen tag team champions who were much worse.


Conclusion: The Motor City Machine Guns make worthy Tag Team Champions. They got a good rapport with fans in most TNA venues, and they are exciting to watch. As for those people who don’t like “little” champions, just flip the channel.

Do you think MCMG are just spot monkeys who should open the show, and never be allowed near a title belt? Or are they technical experts who deserve the titles having failed to win on more than one occasion?

Let the debate begin in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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