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Manchester City Fans Hold Their Breaths As Rumors Swirl

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Manchester City Fans Hold Their Breaths As Rumors Swirl
Christopher Lee/Getty Images

There are rumours in Manchester of an impending transfer.

Now, there is nothing new in that, of course, as it seems that Manchester City is most definitely the team of the closed season's rumour fest.

But there is something significantly different going on now.

It's not going to be Torres, apparently, as that one has been put very much on the back burner.

It's not Rooney or Ronaldo as they simply wouldn't join City yet.

But there is a mega deal in the offing, and although no one dares mention any names, it will apparently set records, cause pulses to quicken, and change the way City is seen.

Now, don't forget that I told you about Boateng, Silva and Toure on June 5th and got the order of signing right.

So when I hear the sort of rumours I hear, it's worthwhile checking back every now and again because it's going to be a biggie.

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