My Top 10: Week 3

Mike EaganSenior Analyst ISeptember 11, 2006

IconHere's mine for Week 3, such as it is. Things will certainly be a lot clearer after this weekend.
1. TheOSU: First team to separate itself  from the pack and make a legitimate case for the top spot.

2. Notre Dame: Tough to drop the Domers after such a convincing win, but the Buckeyes have earned it - for now.

3. Auburn: First test vs. LSU at home this week.
4. West Virginia: Scheduling I-AA - er, "NCAA Football Championship Subdivision" - Eastern Washington is inexcusable when you play a Big East conference schedule.  A one-spot demotion on my ballot is assessed as punitive damages.

5. USC: God dammit, why is USC getting this high on my list?

6. LSU: See No. 3.

7. Florida: Impressive win over UCF before the matchup at Tennessee.

8. Texas: Never bought them at No. 2 - here is about right until McCoy gets some more experience.

9. Louisville: No Michael Bush? No problem: 121 points in two games. Let's see if they earn my confidence against Miami.

10. Michigan: Just because I want to beat a top-10 team this weekend...and especially this one.