Big 3 in the Big Apple

Shane YeoContributor IJuly 12, 2010

It started off as hoping to hail Lebron the King of Manhattan, but The Knicks and Donnie Walsh believe being losers in the "Summer of Lebron" may not be the end of the world.

The Knicks made the first big splash of the 2010 free agency landing Amare Stoudemire to a five-year contract worth 100 Million dollars.

The New York Knicks have come to an agreement with Raymond Felton for two years and nearly 16 Million dollars. The two-year contract will allow New York to have cap space flexibility to offer a max contract to a free agent in 2011, as well as 2012. 

Who might these players be? Well next year is Carmelo's free agent year to shine, and New York (of course) feels as if they are the front runners for the Brooklyn bred Anthony. Carmelo has not budged in signing the three-year $65 Million contract extension the Nuggets have offered him. 

The 2012 free agent class will consist of bidding for two of the top point guards in the league. Chris Paul and Deron Williams can expect the Knickerbockers to be ready to greatly invest in whoever of the two wants to complete and compete with another young scary all-star caliber "Big 3."

Chris Paul has been public about wanting to play for a competitor, and if New Orleans doesn't seem to be headed down that path, the man wants out. Paul is supposedly all for Amare, Melo and himself to take the storied Knick franchise back to the spotlight as he was vocal about the situation recently at Carmelo Anthony's wedding in Manhattan. 

Time will tell if this is nearly another dream the size of New York, or another super power team is formed in the east.