Putting The LeBron James Saga to Rest

R. TaylorContributor IJuly 12, 2010

MIAMI - JULY 09:  LeBron James #6, Dwyane Wade #3 and Chris Bosh #1 of the Miami Heat show off their new game jerseys before a press conference after a welcome party at American Airlines Arena on July 9, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

They say a persons true thoughts come out when they are angry, drunk, or telling a joke. And when LeBron made it public that he would sign with Miami Heat, everybody saw the true feelings of the Cavalier fans and most importantly owner Dan Gilbert.

When ESPN showed video footage of Cleveland's reaction to LeBron's decision, it gave me an eerie feeling. It was like watching footage on CNN in Iraq when they burn the American flags and the leader, Dan Gilbert in this case, speaks ill words and bath mouths the person indirectly responsible for these actions.

I was very disappointed to see Cleveland react in such fashion. MANY professional sport teams have lost great players to other teams and never have the fans and owner acted so outlandish because of it.

Since his decision Lebron has been called a traitor, selfish, non-competitive, sellout, etc. All of these are just unwarranted accusations. How is LeBron a traitor? He doesn't owe Cleveland or the state of Ohio ANYTHING. He put that city and state on his back and made them relevant in sports again.

All these so called "NBA experts" are saying this ruins his legacy to be the best player ever. That is the most ridiculous thing ever. You cannot compare LeBron's situation to ANY other NBA great in recent memory. Michael Jordan, Magic, Larry, Shaq, etc, none of these players were drafted by their home state.

None of those players were born, raised, was a HS superstar all in the same state for the NBA team they played for. None of them were labeled the "Chosen One" to win a NBA title for a city that has not won a title in any sport for about 50 years. So that argument is irrelevant.

Did anyone else find it hilarious that NBA TV asked Charles Barkley about Lebron's decision? Barkley said "If I was 25 I'd try to win it by myself....I would want to be the guy" and Barkley has ZERO rings and he left the 76ers for the Suns, so we see how that turned out for him. Besides Brent Barry, no analyst on NBA TV or ESPN has a ring that I'm aware of.

That goes to show you how selfish and delusional those players are. What they are basically saying is that they wanted LeBron to stay in Cleveland for 15-18 years like they did and be miserable and not win a ring. So their opinion is going to be biased.

Small market teams don't win championships; it is too difficult money wise and not attractive destinations for players. Look at the championship history of any major sports league. I guarantee you they are dominated by big market teams and they win consecutive championships.

I commend LeBron for his decision. The cavaliers had seven years to lock him up and put a championship team around him and they didn't. The Cavs ripped at the seams when the season ended. Now you have a rookie gm and Byron Scott who also has not won a ring with the Nets or Hornets.

People forget LeBron's biggest knock throughout his career was that hey was too SELFLESS. Remember the heat he took when he passed up a game winning shot for an open Donyell Marshall three-pointer? LeBron took less money and put his "legacy" on the line. He also donated all proceeds from the sponsors for his telecast to the boys & girls club. Can someone please point out the selfishness in that?

I don't think Lebron is worried about being the greatest basketball player EVER. Him and Kobe Bryant both recognize Michael Jordan as the greatest player ever and realize there won't be a better player than him.

Only naive people will believe that championships are won by one individual. The Lakers got Gasol for next to nothing. If you want to get technical Kobe Bryant was not even drafted by the Lakers and Ron Artest jumped on the championship band wagon. The Celtics got Kevin Garnet and Ray Allen for pretty much nothing as well.

So it's foolish to believe teams don't win without major trades or free agent pickups you can look throughout NBA history and find that out. And the reason the Celtics and Lakers won all those rings because their team was stacked with hall of famers.

At the end of the day LeBron made HIS decision. The Heat are not guaranteed a title, they still have to fill out the roster with the right players and find out how they will play together which should not be a problem. Wade, Bosh, LeBron are the most unselfish basketball stars in the league and they all play defense. It takes three stars to win a championship just ask the Celtics, Lakers & Spurs

Being a career Philadelphia fan you come to grips with losing superstars. Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Wilt Chamberlain, Donovan McNabb, Curt Schilling. I could go on forever. That is just how sports work ladies and gentleman