Spain Wins The "Acting" Cup

Isaiah ClarkCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2010

Fans waited four years in anticipation of watching the biggest sporting event next to the Olympics, the World Cup. Why did they do this you may ask?  That is a very good question because this years World Cup was a complete disgrace. The officiating was horrendous from the start to finish.  Follow that up with teams who prefer to act instead of just playing the game of soccer and you have a drama filled soap opera.


The officials played a huge roll in demoralizing the World Cup.  So many missed calls and calls being made that shouldn’t have been called.  The Americans Maurice Edu and Clint Dempsey both had goals disallowed in games against Slovenia and Algeria. England’s Frank Lampard had a goal taken away when the officials didn’t see the ball go over the line against Germany and the best one yet was the goal by Carlos Tevez from Argentina who netted a goal against Mexico that was clearly offside’s.


“At first I thought the referee was saying that it was not a goal, then I saw the signal and I started (celebrating) and I was happy,” Tevez said. “I know I was offside, I know it was selfish but as long as they say it was a goal it’s OK for me and the team.”


The acting eventually made it comical to watch every game, just wondering what crazy acting stunt was going to take place next. I understand there are other sports where players will take a fall and act like they were fouled, but to the extent that soccer players do, I don’t think so.  It has taken away from the game and the enjoyment for the fans. 

The Finals between Netherlands and Spain was just icing on the cake for me.  It made me lose all respect for the World Cup and Spain.  Yes, they are extremely talented and have weapons such as David Villa, Xavi, Sergio Ramos, Iniesta, and Iker Casillas who is arguably one of the best if not the best goal keeper in the world.  Don’t get me wrong this team knows how to play.  Their one touch passes are phenomenal, communication is on point and even though they only scored eight goals in the entire world cup each one was like a masterpiece that Van Gogh himself would put together. 

With all that being said they may have put on one of the best acting performances I have ever seen.  Spain’s Iniesta got a foul called on Dutch defender John Heitinga right outside the box in the second half of extra time.  They were jostling for position and Heitinga may have grabbed him a bit but never shoved him and Iniesta being the great actor he is, dove pretending to be tripped and then pleaded for another yellow card.  He got his wish and Heitinga was sent off for the remainder of the game which led to the Dutch’s demise. Iniesta almost looked like he was auditioning for a part on a Broadway Musical.

Then Xavi at one point fell over after he tripped himself up and raised his hand as if he was directly telling the official to give them a card.  Are you kidding me? When has soccer ever been about acting, maybe when Cristiano Ronaldo decided to play soccer?  Either way, Spain has definitely taken some classes on learning how to flop, fall and roll around on the ground for the officials. 

Now I can’t blame them for continuing to do it considering the official kept calling the fouls or carded the Netherlands every time that Spain would act like that had been thrown out of a moving vehicle.  Spain may have won the World Cup by playing a mediocre game in the finals but their acting performance was flawless throughout the World Cup which leaves  me giving them an “A” for acting. So when it all comes down to it you can blame the officials and all the teams like Spain for tainting the great tradition that is the World Cup.