Seven Mortal Sins That Led LeBron James To “Take the Heat”

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Seven Mortal Sins That Led LeBron James To “Take the Heat”

He is no king. He has no rings. He is no Jordan. He is no Kobe. After his decision-making “episode” on Thursday night, he may never be.

LeBron James held his personal, one-hour, reality TV show on ESPN and announced his intent to sign with the Miami Heat, along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

The reality is that this stunt immediately tainted his royal image and turned him into a royal pain in the you-know-what!

He even used, almost exploited, the Boys and Girls Club to make the event seem more like a community service or charitable event that benefits children, when it was really more of an marketing event for LeBron.

Consider James a villain, the Evil King. Dictator James has taken over the military and is forcing his will on the constituents who appointed him to lead them to glory and prosperity.

The cruel reality is that he ripped the heart out of the chests of Cleveland fans who have loved him despite his inadequacies that saw him fail miserably in multiple playoff losses.

It was a classless move and a slap in the face that may trigger a train-wreck effect to his legacy.

LeBron can’t blame Cleveland. They tried to build a team around “his highness”, but he could not pull his weight in the playoffs when real stars build character and dynasties. Miami, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and all the sunshine in South Beach can’t alleviate the darkness that has fallen upon the throne, regardless if and when the Heat win a championship.

The damage has been done. Worse, the new doctrine was imposed on a nationally-televised stage in what has been described as a selfish and narcissistic act.
The TV show was the culmination of his betrayal. The process started with a well-publicized “secret meeting”, inappropriately described as a “summit”, with his new teammates in an act that should be more accurately described as a conspiracy.

If three owners get together and dictate a plan of attack to pre-determine the outcome of free agent signings, it is considered collusion. Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, was actually fined for just mentioning that he would like to pursue James as a free agent.

At least Benedict Arnold’s betrayal was discreet and behind the scenes.

James says he did not speak to anyone about the decision last Thursday because he “wanted the day to be all about me.” Nothing selfish about that.
Centuries ago, the Catholic Church provided a list. It was a list of what was considered mortal or deadly sins that would lead an individual to eternal damnation: The Seven Deadly Sins.

The list includes: Pride; Greed; Envy; Gluttony; Wrath; Sloth; and Lust;
Which items on the list can be associated with LeBron’s actions and does it provide a metaphoric analysis to his “choosing the Heat?”

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