WWE Superstars Who Are the Modern Day Versions of Legends

The Animalistic-Viper LP23Correspondent IJuly 11, 2010

Randy Orton is the Next Stone Cold

- The Viper vs. The Texas Rattlesnake
- RKO vs. Stone Cold Stunner
- Orton 360° vs. Austin 3:16
- Legend Killer Pose vs. Middle Finger Gesturing Pose
- Orton Just RKOwned You vs. Austin Just Whipped your Ass
-Both have Blue Eyes

-Both are Tweener & Anti-Heros
-Both have Smoking Skull T-Shirts
-Both Shake there Heads like Snakes (Orton getting ready for RKO, Austin after he has Stunned)
- Both Wear Knee Pads rather than Elbow Pads
- Both Wear Black Trunks & Long Black Boots
- Both take Three Steps Back when they enter the ring during a Promo
- Both attacked The McMahon Family (Orton Punted & Austin Stunned)
- Both got slapped by Stephanie McMahon
- Both been in Three Stages of Hell Match with Triple H
- Both attack random people for no reasons
- Both don't have any Alliances & Don't Trust Anyone
- Both were heels and Got Big Face Reactions (POPS)

- People think they are both badasses


John Cena Is the Next Hulk Hogan

- Face of WWE

- Limited Moveset & Great with the Kids

- Main Eventslike 100 WrestleManias

John Morrison is the Next Shawn Micheals

- Similar Attire & Look
- Both Named Sexy Boys
- Similar Athletic Wrestling Ability Styles, Technical & High Flying
- Both Put on Five Star Matches
- Both can do the Super Kick well-executed
- Both have the Cocky Character when they are Heel


Jack Swagger is the Next Kurt Angle

- Both are Amateur Wrestlers
- Both are Good In Ring Technicians
- Both use the Ankle Lock
- Both love America
- All-American American or The Olympic Gold Medalist
- Both have Similar Attires (Red, White & Blue)
- Both get Joked around a lot (Swagger's Lisp & Angle's Goofyness)


Drew McIntyre is the Next Triple H

- Chosen One from Mr. McMahon, McMahon's Son in Law is HHH
- Future Shock DDT is similar to Pedigree
- HHH's Blueblood Connecticut Gimmick is Similar to McIntyre's Scottish Gimmick
- Both have similar Styles, Both try to break their opponent down..
- Treated like Royalty & Kings. Both wives work with WWE (Tiffany & Stephanie)


Daniel Bryan is the Next Chris Benoit

- Small, But are Warriors & The Best Technical Wrestlers the World has Ever Seen

- Similar Moveset, Crossface, German Suplexs & Diving Headbutt


Sheamus is the Next Test

- Similar Look & Both love to do a Running Big Boot


- Dolph Ziggler is the Next Mr. Perfect

- Evan Bourne is the Next Rey Mysterio

- The Miz is the Next Chris Jericho

- Both have Excellent Mic Skills & Have Huge Egos

- The Miz uses Jericho's Full Nelson Backbreaker as his Finisher

- R-Truth is the Next Booker T


- Similar Styles & Moveset (Scissors Kick)

- M.V.P.(Heel) is the Next The Rock

- Ezekiel Jackson is the Next Ahemed Johnson

- The Big Show is the Next Andre the Giant

- Justin Gabriel is the Next Jeff Hardy

- Heath Slater is the Next Edge


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