Who Is Real The King of The NBA?

Justin MorseContributor IJuly 10, 2010

I, along with a lot of other people, sat and waited for LeBron to decide where he will go next year, I was forced to sit there and ponder this question; “Why is this King acting so selfish?”

He was able to get ESPN to host an hour long special about which team he was going to called “The Decision.” With most of the NBA fans looking on seeing where “The King” was going to go, I just mind blogged about how much ego he had. This was not a press conference where members of the media can go and ask questions. James was able to hand pick few people to interview him about his decision to head to the Miami Heat for, at least, the next five year. Who does he think he is, The President?

I expected more from the King of the NBA. This so called King showed that he is not ready to be a king of any kind. Lebron did this great special to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club, which I admire greatly, but the King of basketball should not give out a special about where he will go? What makes this man different than Dwayne Wade or Shaquille O'Neal? James never won a Title, heck this guy was swept in the Finals. I will say this right now, and a lot of people won’t like it; LeBron James is not the King of the NBA. So there has to be a king (you know, for the media’s sake), who should it be?

If we are going to compare Jordan as the old King of The NBA, we should look at what Jordan did. He was able to be the “man” on the court that people knew that went the time came, he was going to be the person taking the shot. A player who has won Championships (Sorry D-Wade) and a player that makes his teammates around him better? We are left with two great players who play two different kinds of basketball; Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant.

Tim Duncan was able to win four titles, two with the great center, and now Hall of Famer, David Robinson, and two when he was the main guy. He was able to create a great team around him after Robinson retired, which was made up of great role players like Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. He was the leader of the 2005 Spurs that beat the Pistons in seven games by averaging 20.3 points and 12 rebounds a night during the season. When it came down to the playoffs, it was him again leading the way with 23.6 ppg and 12.4 rpg. He is a grind it out kind of player that was able to make Manu and Parker great players around him. He was a player that wasn’t noticed every night but was respected and showed how to act like a champion.

Kobe Bryant was able to win five titles with the Lakers, Three when he was the wing man of Superman, Shaquille O'Neal, and two when he was the head man in the city of Angels. While he was the swing man to O’Neal, he was able to become that great, feared man that everyone talks about, The Black Mamba. In the 2003-2004 season, the last year Shaq was in LA, Kobe was able to put up better numbers than him (Shaq had 21.7 ppg in the last season while Kobe scored 24.0 ppg). After Shaq won that fourth championship, you knew that Kobe was going to be great again and learned that you need a great big man to help. While Kobe “the Closer” Bryant was born, LA was still able to draft Andrew Bynum, get Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom in a trade. The great Laker team was born again around Kobe who showed he was still the man.

These two men have showed that they can win when the pressure is on the line. There can be only one “King” of the NBA, and his name is Kobe Bryant. While I love Tim Duncan as a player and a person, I just think that Kobe is an overall better player; he can shoot threes, pass and score tough shots when the game is on the line. (Look at the shot he made in Game six this year against the Phoenix Suns http://tinyurl.com/25g5qpd (3:27 mark). I mean really, he is the only one in the world that could make that)

Kobe is the King of the NBA……… right now, but always remember, there is a prince in waiting. His name is Kevin Durant and he is becoming a surprising young star in the league. I crown Kobe as King of the NBA and LeBron as just another player in it.

(Picture credit -Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty Images)