Gold Coast Blue Tongues Defeat Sydney Bears: McRae and Kalleitner Dominate

Sam HansenContributor IJuly 10, 2010

Mike McRae’s hatrick and Reese Kalleitner’s solid netminding ensured the Blue Tongues a 4-2 victory in today's match between the Gold Coast Blue Tongues and visiting Sydney Bears.  Dallas Costanzo also had a goal.

The Blue Tongues, missing Ben Spillane and Adam Gebara to injury, relied on fantastic teamwork and discipline to outplay the Bears.  The patience in making plays created many opportunities for counter-attacks and the Blue Tongues did not hesitate in making use of them.

The Blue Tongues discipline allowed the Bears only three power-play opportunities, and the team defense killed off all of them.  At the other end of the ice, the Bears struggled, going to the penalty box five times.  The Tongues special teams jumped on the opportunities with two power-play goals.

The fast-paced game provided for exciting end-to-end hockey, and the real battle of the game was between the guys between the pipes: Reese Kalleitner and Nick Boucher.  Both goalies made incredible saves and did their teams proud, but it was Kalleitner who won the day, and the game.

Special mentions to Don Burke who played a solid game as a forward today, and Jon Bale, who has stepped up his game this season and pulled off some spectacular plays in today's match.