Miami Heat 2011: How It Will All End

Jonas ChisolmContributor IJuly 10, 2010

I'm not necessarily saying the Miami Heat can't win the NBA championship next season... I'm just saying they won't.

Here is how it'll all happen.

Regular Season:

There going to start off the season with a unimaginable amount of hype and hoopla. They will be on national television more than the Lakers will. I bet even when they play the Wolves and Nets. Every win will feed the fuel of favoritism and every loss will be over analyzed and dissected.

I personally believe they're going to have an amazing record against below .500 record teams. Like perfect and undefeated amazing.

They will make it look easy and sometimes just not fair.

What bad team do you know like Golden State has the defense to stop Dwayne, Lebron, and Chris in the open court? None.

But the elite teams is where their heavily scrutinized season gets tricky.

They will be swept in the regular season by the Lakers and Magic. They'll split the season series with the Celtics (the C's will win the game or two before the all star game and lose those after), the Hawks and Bulls.

They should have a much worse record against the division leaders than the Lakers did last year and struggle on the road.

Here's why:

1. Frontcourt: Their going to get killed on the boards without a serviceable center and Chris isn't the most physical guy in the world. Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum will murder them when they play.

2. Depth: Their leads will dissipate fast and since they'll eventually have to sit leads held by other teams will balloon fast. More complete teams shall prevail.

3. Get The Best: They will get every teams best shot and when teams can back that up by taking advantage of those two weaknesses it should be hard.


They of course should have a solid top-4 seeding come playoff time if not number one.

They will sweep whatever scrub team they'll meet up with and every quasi "expert" will talk about how their games were made for the playoffs and are going to breeze through to the finals.

This is where the road could get a little tricky.

If they play the Hawks or Bucks they move on relatively easy. They will not lose at home and I smell either dramatic comeback or game winning shot etched in somewhere in between.

After that I, like Dan Gilbert, personally guarantee that they move no further. Here are the two options i foresee.

Option One: Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard is going; to put it simply, feast. He'll have whatever scrub they'll have guarding him for dinner and dessert.

They'll probably be forced to eventually double and that's what kills them because of Orlando's potent 3-point attack and all.

Jameer Nelson should have a big series as well.

Magic in Six

Option Two: Boston Celtics

Of course this option depends on whether or not they haven't been all put in a nursing home but this series should be great.

Partially on the fact that there should be a lot of trash talking and also on the hand that Rajon Rondo should have a field day. Of course LBJ should take Pierce out because should lose his legs from guarding him. But KG if healthy will abuse Bosh on the block and Ray should murder those attempting to guard him.

The bench will come up huge and their desperation and superior coaching will eventually prevail.

Celtics in Seven

Thus the fallout and failure kick in. Erick Spoelstra could get fired and Pat could take over.

But of course every expert will say they weren't given time to mesh and that the supporting cast will get even better.

They'll always be next year.