World Cup 2010: Uruguay Want to Beat Germany & Paul the Psychic Octopus

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJuly 10, 2010

"It's not just about beating Germany, we have to beat the octopus as well."

The famous psychic octopus, Paul, has got many countries scared. He has correctly predicted most games in the past, so what he says could well be true.

If you are the team which he doesn't pick, you could well end up losing.

Tabaraz has said that his players are more determined to win the third place play-off, although Germany's psychic octopus predicted a German win.

So far at this World Cup, Paul the octopus has predicted seven out of seven matches right. He has also predicted the final, with Spain becoming world champions.

"Now we are doubly motivated," the coach told a news conference.

As he smiled, he said it was time prove that the sea creature could be wrong.

Tabarez has said he was not superstitious, but the psychic tip for Germany by the oracle octopus is just "another motivation" for his team.

Paul's record is amazing. At Euro 2008, he correctly predicted five out of six games. And now at this year's World Cup, he has a 100 percent success rate with correctly predicting seven out of seven games.

"No one knows what the outcome of the game against Germany will be, but perhaps this octopus does," said Oscar Tabarez.