The Nexus Comes Home to NXT: Speculating the Possibilities

Bryan VelosoContributor IJuly 10, 2010

On tonight's SmackDown, while CM Punk was forgiving Serena and Big Show was busy slapping Jack Swagger silly, a commercial spot in the second hour previewed the upcoming episode of NXT.

According to the spot, The Nexus will be making a homecoming on the show that made them infamous. My ears perked and my mind started brewing in interest. If anything, this is a great series of events, as their wrath has been restricted to Monday Night RAW and a one-off FCW house show.

Coming home. What could this entail? We're not very far into the second season of NXT, as we've only had one elimination in Titus O'Neil. But after the last season, it's not like the eliminations actually meant anything in the end.

The only thing The Nexus have done for current rookies is gift them a beating at the hands of their WWE Pros at the beginning of the season. Thinking purely "pie-in-the-sky," there are a lot of questions that could be posed:

  1. Could the Nexus be recruiting?
  2. Do the Nexus plan to "fight for rookie rights" by beating down the pros as payback for the first episode's beat-down?
  3. Is the appearance of Nexus a one-off event, or is taking over NXT their grand plan? Are we on the verge of NXT turning into FCW's weekly episodic TV show?
Worst case scenario, they beat everybody up "for fun." Not like it's something we haven't seen already. I mean, they would have done as much to John Cena the night before.
So speculate with me folks. You know I love your opinions!