TNA Victory Road May Be a Step Up

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJuly 9, 2010

The TNA Impact this past Thursday, July 8th, seemed to be a step up from past shows, in my opinion. It showcased a lot of buildup for this coming Sunday's PPV Victory Road, and I have to say they're making me want to buy my first TNA PPV.

The show was filled with some top quality matches: the six man tag team match of Motor City Machine Guns with Hernandez vs. Beer Money with Matt Morgan was an impressive feat of wrestling.

High flying spots, some powerful shots, and a fluidness between the two teams that really puts these six superstars above the rest of the roster on that show.

This is what TNA should be, guys like Alex Shelly and Chris Sabian along with Beer Money showcasing their abilities and really just making the audience pop. The skit MCM did stating how "beer money" will lead to your downfall, make you lazy, spend all of your money, and apparently unattractive as well was hysterical.

The other match of the night that fell right in suit with this one was Kazarian vs. AJ Styles; again, new guys with a lot of talent that can really entertain. Only to be ruined by the crazy old man Ric Flair.  He screamed stuff like "quit d###ing around" and "these bunch of p###ies...they admit they're a bunch of a$$holes."

Why TNA feels they need to keep this man in the ring is beyond me.

It only gets worse with Flair; his verbal attack on Jay Lethal was ridiculous. "In three days you’re going to look your God in the eye, and get your ass handed to you. God. God. Your God."

What the hell was that? Ric has stated he will never retire again (please someone put him out of his misery). He's like a crazy race horse they can't get off the track and he's just tearing up everything and crapping all over it.

Having Rob Van Dam as their champion I found very bizarre; bringing back RVD and putting the belt on an older guy and former ECW and WWE icon just seemed to me like again they are clinging to the WWE for some viewers and popularity.

So to see Samoa Joe, a TNA original, go up against them, and to have the two of them put on a great match, it really showed that giving RVD the belt isn't a stunt or a publicity issueRolling Thunder is still good to go.

This Sunday's matches definitely have some great potential:

Four Way Match: RVD, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy and Abyss

It may showcase three out of four former WWE guys but the matches and main events they've been having on Impact have been great.

Pope Vs. Kurt Angle

Two guys who really know how to wrestle. Pope's background in boxing versus Kurt Angle's pure wrestling ability should put on a good show.

Flair vs. Lethal

I really hope this is a match to push Lethal and not feed into Flair's ego.

Morgan vs. Hernandez

I'm not a fan of Matt Morgan (he has a long way to go), but for a big guy he's pretty agile and decent in the ring. Hernandez pulled off some amazing moves on Impact and is definitely someone who needs to be going for god

Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns

This match will probably steal the show.Four guys in the ring who really give it their all and have the skills to be at the top of the industry.

Kazarian and Styles vs. Mystery opponents

Well it will be interesting to see if they can come together to beat anyone.

Brother Rey vs. Jesse vs. Devon

While a very heartfelt speech took place on Impact, this match as well as the Knockout match and Kendrick vs. Williams, don't seem to be living up to the hype of the other matches.

Now the big question of this PPV is what mystery will be revealed.

In the vignette promo for the show, Abyss says "when they come" and then we see quick clips of Scott Steiner, Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, Raven, Sabu, and Sting as well as a few others who I wasn't able to figure out.

Is an ECW invasion set to play out?

Rumors say Paul Heyman wants complete control. I say, give it to him. The best part of this past impact was the lack of Hogan and Bischoff.

Maybe TNA is starting to get it, and will go back to being about wrestling, hardcore matches, and promoting new guys rather than trying to breathe life back into Hall of Famers who should be watching from home.