A P.Contributor IJuly 9, 2010

I have always felt that TNA used to be a company that listened to its fans. I was so excited for TNA during Oct-Dec. '09. Right before they announced the Hogan signing.  The fans were crying out for more wrestling and less talking and we got that on Impact.  The PPV's had 4-5 star matches.  Things were looking up.  I was happy when Hogan came despite the bad reactions but slowly the rumors of him became more and more true and the show really suffered.
Here is a man who knows tons about the business of wrestling but knows nothing of TNA and the great young talent they had.  I'm sure that he had watched them only for a couple of months to get a gist of what the product was about.  Was he instrumental in getting key talent? Yes, however they don't know how to use that talent.  He was also instrumental in getting other talent that are terrible. Hogan was quoted as saying that if he is booed out of the building he would pack his bags and leave.  However the fans in the 3rd week or so did just that and he is still there.  I watched as the hardcore everyday fans turned their backs on matches won by Sean Morley and go up in the stands instead of being down in front.  Watched as they had to tell fans not to be disrespectful, something they never HAD to do.  And worst of all watched as DIxie Carter stood idle and did nothing and just lets the train derail.  It seemed that because Hogan/Bischoff had a year contract that her hands were tied.  Boy how I couldn't wait for the year to be over. Well it seems that Dixie is starting to realize the truth and is desperate for help.

Well, I have decided to become TNA's unofficial new writer for the show.  TNA take these ideas.  PLEASE.  It may prove that some of us actually can put on a compelling show and that we aren't idiots.  Some of us fans are regular people with regular jobs or trying to break it in entertainment and writing, and not some 45 year old fat slobbery guy with a WWE attitude t-shirt pining to see Hulk Hogan and get his autograph.  We enjoy watching because it is entertaining and we know what people want to see.
0. Get rid of Hogan/Bischoff/Russo
1. Bring in Daniels, Roxxi, Alyssa Flash, Petey Williams and one more fired employee and have them battle their counterparts.  Call them The Rejects and have them cut a promo about being pushed to the side.  Give Daniels the Title push, Petey the X division and Roxxi, Alyssa the tag titles or just go after all the other knockouts.
2. Bring back LAX and have them battle Morgan and Red
3. Desmond Wolfe vs Joe for Global title give it some credibility, and please have Joe's kidnappers revealed already no one care at this point.  Just make it the ECW guys.
4. Bring back 6 sided ring
5. Take ramp to ring away
6. Work with ROH and do a real invasion angle. Make it look real like Bischoff is good at doing even though we are smarter and have the internet then back in the days.
7. Stop ECW angle and just make Dreamer with those guys come in.
8. Have the "they" be Mick Foley
9. Bring Roxxi back as Voodoo Princess and turn Daffney face and have them win Tag Titles
10. Make Fourtune a bunch of guys that we don't expect or at least one or two
11. Make knockouts watchable and bring it back to its form
12. Same with X division.  Please dixie stop telling me that Joe/AJ/and Daniels are main eventers now bc you care about the X division. They were X division years ago and 3 guys does a care for X division not make.
13. Take Impact away from Orlando, go to N. Y. you draw more crowds with house show. Imagine going to N.y for Impact.
14. Give MCMG tag titles which might happen.
15. Make an X division wrestler World Champion, heck it worked with Mysterio
16. Give Amazing Red a non X division push.
17. Form LAX and for Goodness sakes Bring in EL MYSTICO. He wants to go to TNA, this man is the new young Mysterio Jr.
18. Have Hamada vs Sarita 2 out of 3 falls for Title.
19. Get rid of Knockout Tag Title and change it to One Knockout X division Title or something like that. 
20. For the first ever X division title match they had sort of this Elimination fall's match. I would do that with the World Title and it would be Daniels, Hardy, RVD, and AJ...Daniels and Hardy start, Daniels pins Hardy, Daniels pins AJ, RVD pins Daniels, Hardy pins RVD, AJ pins Hardy, 2 falls Hardy is eliminated, RVD pins AJ, 2 falls AJ is eliminated, Daniels pins RVD. Daniels finally wins TNA World Title.   This match, the Hamada/Sarita match Sarita wins Knockout Title, Flair/Sting match Flair wins, Beer Money vs MCMG vs Gen Me match for Tag Title MCMG wins, and Desmond Wolfe vs Joe vs Anderson for Global Title where Desmond Wolfe wins. These will all be at Bound For Glory. 
Hope you enjoyed this.