Trade Manny? Are you Serious?

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IJuly 28, 2008

The phrase "Manny being Manny" has long been annoying. His antics have become the stuff of legend. ESPN has gushed over his every move since he went to Beantown.

Now Management and Fans seem to finally be tired of the act. When he refused to play in Fridays series opener against the Yankees it seemed to signal the beginning of the end for the Manny era in Boston.

The future Hall of famer even said this weekend he would not block a trade, did not care if he was traded to a non-contender and would even "Play in Iraq". The questions have to be Who can trade for him? Who wants him?  and What can the Sox get in return?

I have a solution.

Since Manny does not mind a Non-contender how about this trade for everyone. Send Manny to Kansas City in exchange for slugger Jose Guillen young starter Zach Greinke and left handed setup man Ron Mahay. That trade helps Boston out this year and helps the Royals sell some tickets.

Until I get to part Two of the trade.

Kansas City turns and sends Manny to the Yankees in exchange for Right handers Phil Hughes and Dan Giese and newly acquired left fielder Xavier Nady. While that is admittly a pipe dream it is a win-win-win for all 3 teams.

The Sox get rid of Manny which is what they seem to want. The Royals get some young pitchers and Nady. The Yankees get to stick it to the Sox by getting Manny a haircut and pinstripe uniform.

Reality? probably not. The greatest circus ever Priceless