Chasing 16-0: Patriots Aren't Perfect, But Does It Matter?

Neal HowardCorrespondent INovember 28, 2007

The game was the first of the season in which Tom Brady failed to throw at least three touchdown passes (he threw one), and Randy Moss had a lackluster evening.

But does any of that really matter?

It's not as if the Patriots face a tremendously difficult schedule for the rest of the season. Consider New England's remaining games:

Week 13 @ Ravens, Week 14 vs. Steelers, Week 15 vs. Jets, Week 16 vs. Dolphins, Week 17 @ Giants.

The Ravens have struggled, and are working on a string of five straight losses. The games against the Jets and Dolphins should be guaranteed wins, especially given the Pats' home-field advantage.

Pittsburgh might be considered a threat—but after a 3-0 win against the Dolphins on Monday night and a stunning loss to the Jets a week before, the Steelers don't exactly look up to the task of stopping New England.

That leaves the Giants as the biggest obstacle in the Pats' pursuit of perfection. After their blowout loss to the Vikings on Sunday, the G-Men seem to be unlikely spoilers—especially since Eli Manning threw four interceptions, three of which were returned for touchdowns.

If any team showed its flaws this week, it was New York.

The bottom line: It seems almost certain the Patriots will go 16-0 this season.

As for a Super Bowl win?  

We'll just let the scores speak for themselves.