Injury Report: R-Truth, Triple H's Cover Up and Scott Hall in Hospital!

JC AugustineCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2010

Hi guys, sorry for only short breaking news articles of late, but I am really busy right now. Hopefully, sometime in the next few days I can post a couple articles I have been working on for a while. 

According to, R-Truth was taken out of the Money in the Bank Raw Brand match due to a groin injury(ouch!) he sustained this weekend at a raw house show. He should recover quickly and be back within 2-4 weeks at the max. 

Also former TNA wrestler/old guy, Scott Hall, has just been hospitalized with double pneumonia. He's recovering slowly and I wish him best.

If that isn't enough for you, Triple H had surgery(again) today. 

Hayhurst, a Toronto Blue Jays pitcher had surgery in the same hospital as Triple H and found himself on a training table next to Hunter. 

"Seriously, I just found myself next to him on a training table," Hayshurst wrote. "I did not get a pic. He was a tad out of it, fresh out of surgery, so I didn't want to hassle him." from

Hayshurst has now deleted the original post. "Now I feel terrible," "Deleting all mentions."

Apparently WWE didn't want people to know about Triple H's surgery and contacted Hayhurst to delete the post. 

ETA for Hunter's recovery time is 2-4 months.

So that's all the updates for this week and check back soon for a new article. 

PS: Am I a bad person for being happy that Lebron James is going to Miami?