Cliff Lee to The Yanks?

Alec DoppCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2010

Now, I know exactly what you were thinking when you first click on this article: "What?!  Cliff Lee to the Yanks?! COME ON!".  

According to, Cliff Lee and the Yankees are intensifying talks about a possible trade to New York that would send star prospect Jesus Montero to the Mariners.  

With the acquisition of Lee, the Yankees would have this possible rotation: 

1.) CC Sabathia

2.) Cliff Lee

3.) AJ Burnett

4.) Javier Vasquez

5.) Phil Hughes

6.) Andy Pettite 

A 6 man dominant rotation? Are you kidding me? I'm afraid not, and if this goes through, the 6-man rotation for the Yankees would have an average ERA of 3.61, and unthinkable number considering the league the play in (AL), and the division they play in (AL East).  

With exclusion of Hughes, you could legitimately say that the Yankees have acquired former "#1 pitchers" from 4 different Major League teams.

Man does it pay to play in New York or what?

And lets not forget the bullpen, either.

The Bronx Bombers still have the greatest closer who has ever put on a pair of cleats in Mariano Rivera, along with setup-man and future multiple-time All Star Joba Chamberlain.

If you thought the LeBron saga was a big deal for the NBA, then just think what the acquisition of another Cy Young winner would do to the Yankees?  Its all in a days work for the big apple.

I guess what we are presently seeing is the transformation of sport, if you'd like to call it that.  Superstar players are now teaming up with other superstars to try and win win win as much as possible.  I think it's great for sports, in general.  Egos are willing to diminish for the sake of winning, and what could be more of a non-selfish act than that?