LeBron James May Be Royalty, but in Miami Dwyane Wade Is King

James WongCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2010

In less than 24 hours, the entire landscape of the National Basketball Association has been blown up.

LeBron James is now officially a member of the Miami Heat and their "Miami Thrice" partnership.

Cleveland Cavalier fans have burnt and desecrated the jerseys of their former hero, while owner Dan Gilbert is awaiting a massive fine from Commissioner Stern. 

In all seriousness though, the Miami Heat have returned to basketball relevancy. Pat Riley has once again proved that he is a mastermind genius, and the construction of this "super-team" is reminiscent of the day the Heat landed Shaquille O'Neal back in 2004. 

The other parallel with that situation is that all Heat fans know that Miami is Dwyane Wade's city.

When O'Neal arrived in 2004, he was lauded as a massive piece in the puzzle for the franchise's first NBA Championship. That's right, "a massive piece" but not the man or lead player of the team. 

LeBron James may be more talented than Shaquille O'Neal. It is a common belief among basketball followers that James is the most physically gifted player to grace the hardwood floor of the NBA. In his seven years in the league he has achieved extraordinary things, including being named the League's MVP in consecutive years.

However make no mistake, that James' acquisition is no different to O'Neal's. Dwyane Wade will once again be the man, and lead player for the Heat while James' talents will be fully utilized to benefit the team’s success. 

While Wade does not have all the individual awards that James has racked up over the years, he is the city's favorite son after carrying the franchise on his back to championship glory in 2006. 

LeBron James will never be able to top that for the fans or franchise of Miami. 

For a player whose legacy has been built on being “the savior,” I certainly hope James has realized he will not be playing that role with the Heat. 

That doesn't mean James will not further his legacy in South Beach, because he undoubtedly will.

However he simply won't be "that guy" for the Heat, as he will be playing in the city that gave its complete trust and loyalty to Wade years ago. 

He will get his time in the spotlight, but for once in his career, the team, franchise and city will not revolve around his every move and action. 

LeBron James, welcome to Miami-Wade County.