Why Wrestling Is Not Fake

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIJuly 9, 2010

It make me furious when someone tells me that pro-wrestling is fake. I'll admit that the promos and the backstage skits are scripted.

I'll concede to the fact that the matches are predetermined. I refuse to state in any way, shape, or form that wrestling is FAKE!

I'm going to give you the bottom line on why pro-wrestling is without a Shadow of a doubt not fake.

A lot of wrestling moves required a large amount of athleticism and precision, as many of the moves are difficult to perform.

There is no room for error, as many complex wrestling moves can result in serous injuries or death.

The Shooting Star Press is the perfect example!

The Shooting Star Press is a move where a wrestler must jump from a turnbuckle or an elevated position. That wrestler must press his knees to his chest and execute a backflip in mid-air and then land on his opponent in a splash/press position.

Evan Bourne is the only wrestler that does the Shooting Star Press in the WWE. The move was once banned due to the high risk for injury. Evan Bourne's mastery of the move made him the exception of the rule.

Brock Lesnar even used the move during his stint in pro-wrestling. Lesnar used the move during his match with Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 19. Lesnar missed his mark and legitimately hit his head on the mat. 

In Chris Jericho's book A Lion's Tale: Around The World in Spandex described a time where he spent days trying to perfect the Shooting Star Press to the point where he thought he mastered it. Jericho thought wrong and he broke his arm.

If wrestling so fake, then would any of you wrestling haters want to try to successfully perform the Shooting Star Press? No show of hands, just what I thought!

Speaking of injuries, Chris Jericho was not the only wrestler to be hurt in the ring.

Sid Vicious' career as a pro-wrestler almost ended due to a botched Big Boot from the top of a turnbuckle in a WCW match. Vicious leaped off the turnbuckle to Big Boot Steiner.

Vicious landed awkwardly on his left leg, which broke in half. Both the tibia and fibula snapped and a bone was breaking through the skin.

Darren "Droz" Drozdov is a quadriplegic. How he become one is due to a horrifying botched running powerbomb by D-Lo Brown where Drozdov landed on his neck fracturing two disks.

Brown could not get a proper grip on Drozdov, who also could not do a proper jump to aid with the lifting. A drink thrown by a fan made Brown slip a little bit.

These are just two examples of the long lists of pro-wrestling injuries. The injuries that Sid Vicious and Darren "Droz" Drozdov received due to botched moves were not orchestrated by Steven Spielberg's special effects team. It's truly sad to think that many people called these injuries fake!

What is not fake is the passion these wrestlers have for pro-wrestling. They perform stunning and life-threatening maneuvers from Madison Square Garden to a small bingo hall!

They entertain thousands in attendance and to millions watching from the comfort of their living rooms.

They put aside precious time from their families to travel the world to entertain wrestling fans.

These extraordinary wrestlers work hard for their matches to turn into phenomenal masterpieces and for people to call it fake is a slap to every wrestler that ever lived!

So before you UFC/MMA fans, wrestling haters, and to the occasional ignorant individuals go running your mouth about how fake pro wrestling is, just stop for a few minutes and consider all that I have said.

Think of all the wrestlers who perform stunning wrestling maneuvers that sometimes put their lives and well being in jeopardy.

Think of all the wrestlers who got hurt severely doing what they love most and that is entertaining the masses.

Think and remember the passion the wrestlers show in the ring by grappling and performing high-flying aerial moves.

Think of all that before you say it's fake because it's not, and that the bottom line....not because I said so, but because that is the reality and the truth.