LeBron James Decision: Was That REALLY Your Choice, 'Bron?

EJ TabuenaContributor IJuly 9, 2010

GREENWICH, CT - JULY 08:  (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) LeBron James attends the LeBron James Pre Decision Meet and Greet on July 8, 2010 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Proceeds from tonight's 2.5 million dollar event will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Estabrook Group)
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LeBron James has dropped the OMG-bomb of all OMG-bombs in the history of the NBA.

HE has decided to take his game to the Miami Heat next season, forming what is perhaps the greatest All-Star trio of all time.


Above is a copy of Jim Gray and LeBron's conversation during the hour-long special on ESPN. For those of you who have yet to listen or read it, do so there. Also...

Quite frankly, I am not sold that Miami was LeBron's initial choice. I believe it was a snap decision he had made after learning that Chris Bosh was to sign with the Heat.

I, like most others, believed that LeBron would be joining Noah and Rose in Chicago, all the while chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan.

In fact, I would feel for LeBron in this situation. I believe that Chris Bosh had forced his hand.

If LeBron had stayed in Cleveland or went to Chicago (the two most viable destinations before James' announcement), there would have not been enough fire power to beat a tandem of Bosh and Wade.

Granted, Noah and Rose are two players on the rise, but outside of Noah and Rose, there is a lack of a good core-role players on the team, and a stunning lack of shooters, which LeBron needs to be truly effective.

Had James not decided to join Miami, it would've left Miami with even more space under the salary cap to sign very good shooters and role players; Mike Miller, Raja Bell, JJ Redick, and Matt Barnes come to mind.

Such players would've made a pick-and-roll setup for Bosh and Wade be truly lethal.

I will reiterate. I believe that LeBron decided on the Heat, primarily because of Wade and Bosh.

It wasn't the fact that he would be playing alongside Wade and Bosh, but rather he felt that he couldn't beat them had he signed elsewhere. Thus, LeBron has abandoned Cleveland and joined Miami.

"If you can't beat them, join them."

Yeah, LeBron understands that saying very well, I believe...