WWE Wrestlemania 27 and WWE Hall of Fame Of 2011...and Goldberg?

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2010

The Former Big Star of WCW...and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been a topic for awhile now. People who don't know about the fact that Wrestlemania 27 has been scheduled to be in Atlanta Georgia (Which is Bill Goldberg's hometown). Next year WWE's hall of Fame has been said to consist of mainly WCW successors.They said that Bill Goldberg will have a spot in the WWE Hall Of Fame.They also made a rumor that Bill Goldberg will have "One more match" at Wrestlemania.Goldberg at 43 years old may be one of the youngest to still be alive and to be inducted into the hall of fame.

Along with this fact Goldberg had an amazing run in WCW of over 140 wins until Kevin Nash beat him for the WCW World Title belt. He is also the first man to win the WCW and World Heavyweight title in WWE and WCW in both incarnations of the belt itself.

Goldberg's opponent and who he would rival for next year's wrestlemania would be really unknown even though the thought of John Cena came in my mind as a candidate for a match against Goldberg...Another big candidate is newcomer Sheamus.If Goldberg is to wrestle at next year's Wrestlemania it would not be Triple H since that rivalry has happened in the past.

If Goldberg was to face Undertaker at next year's Wrestlemania it would draw lots of attention to undefeated streak against a man who was once undefeated.

On this little note with Booker T being a free agent may be his time to be put in the WWE Hall of Fame since he is more then usual occupied with his wrestling school,also the legendary Brian Pillman the first ever Cruiserweight Champion which all started in WCW should get his dues also.

But anyways...if Goldberg was to be in WWE for this time...who would be next?