Rich Harden Needs a Hug

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJuly 28, 2008

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Rich Harden was the missing piece for the Cubs, but if you look at certain statistics, it doesn't seem like he is really working out.

Sure, his 0-1 record doesn't seem like the best way to start a season with a new team, but if you delve further than the most shallow of statistics, you will find that he has been lights out, but the Cubs offense when he pitches needs to show some light.

For example, a 1.04 ERA is spectacular. Even if it is over three starts, he has been unable to allow a lot of runs in a start.

Over 17.1 innings pitched, he has struck out 30 batters, which is almost two batters every inning. His WHIP is less than one, allowing only 16 batters in those 17 innings.

However, he can't seem to get the offense that other pitchers have been afforded in their outings for the Cubs. Maybe it is just hazing the new guy...

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