LeBron James and ESPN Should Be Ashamed by "The Decision" Coverage

Justin NormanCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2010

LeBron James just announced that he is going to sign with the Miami Heat. The only thing I got out of "The Decision" coverage is that LeBron James is the most selfish, narcissistic person on the face of this Earth.

He was supposed to make his decision by 9:10 pm. It was made at 9:30. A painfully tantalizing wait for all those who tuned in to see where he would sign.

The first 30 minutes were spent by having ESPN "experts" speculate about where he was going to sign, as if we haven't already heard enough speculation.

Michael Wilbon, Jon Barry, and Chris Broussard speculated four times in twenty minutes that LeBron was going to sign in Miami, according to their "sources." While they were right, we did not tune in to hear them speculate. We've heard enough speculation since the second the NBA Finals concluded.

After an excruciating introduction that featured all of the speculation as well as pictures of LeBron in a uniform of each prospective team, a montage of him at the beginning of his career, and in the 2010 playoffs at the end of his Cavaliers career, ESPN finally sent things over to Jim Gray, who was sitting with LeBron.

I was excited to finally hear where he was going. But fifteen questions later, we still didn't know. 

It was awful and ridiculous. The first question Jim Gray should have asked was, "LeBron, where are you going?" and then he should have gotten the thought process and explanation afterwards. Instead, Gray decided to reverse the order, and even asked if LeBron was still a nail biter. No one cares. 

ESPN stalled and milked the coverage even worse than Ryan Seacrest does during the American Idol finales, and for that, ESPN should be ashamed. 

NBA superstars like Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitzki have also signed contracts, but ESPN completely neglected them, choosing instead to dedicate their entire worldwide leading sports channel to one player, as if they were CNN or Fox News covering a presidential election.

LeBron James has almost everything he could ever want in this world. He can get any girl, party at any club, eat at any restaurant, buy anything he wants, and more. Did he really need to give himself a whole hour long segment, torturing fans to see where he was going to sign?

The only explanation as to why is because he is a completely selfish, egotistical narcissist. He can learn a lot from a player like Kevin Durant, who humbly and quietly signed an extension with the Thunder.

If "The Decision" says anything about LeBron's future in Miami, it shows that he will not mix well with his new superstar teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Clearly, it's all about LeBron, and his ego is going to prove to be too big to fit with Wade and Bosh, in my opinion.

So, congratulations to the Miami Heat, for signing the most narcissistic person in history. As the economy of Cleveland collapses and the citizens of Cleveland collectively commit suicide, I know I'm not the only one that will now rooting against LeBron James in the future.

For someone that has never even won a NBA championship, he did not deserve that kind of coverage. ESPN should be ashamed and embarrassed, and so should LeBron.

That was just the worst television I have ever watched.  I am truly disgusted.