NBA Free Agent Rumors: LeBron Puts His Dress On

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NBA Free Agent Rumors: LeBron Puts His Dress On
Elsa/Getty Images

Well, there you have it.

LeBron isn't the King after all. He's merely a high-priced wing man.

Unable to be Michael or Magic, he decided to be Jalen Rose. The other guy on the team.

Unable to make it as a solo act, he formed a band. Only he's not the lead guitarist. He's playing rhythm.

The fact is, we know DWade can win. He's already done it. But can LeBron?

Even if this team wins, and I think that's highly debatable, it isn't his team. It's Wade's. He got to stay and LeBron had to come to him. He couldn't even swing a sign-and-trade for Bosh. Because Bosh told the Prince what he wanted, not the other way around. 

LeBron, the little prince, had to play the beaatch to Bosh and Wade's Master.

So now we know. LeBron doesn't have it. He admitted as much today.

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