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I know i know, the title makes you think it's some breaking news, however, this was my belief. Based on the story line's that TNA has right now it I was going to write a blog specifically about how I feel Heyman is writing for TNA & why I believe it. However, based on reports that the meetings have been stalled between the two sides I don't consider that the case any longer. So why has Impact been so good these past several weeks? Well, simple, every ten years or so Russo actually writes something that is compelling. Either that, or, someone else altogether is writing the shows and TNA is sliding Russo out for the possible Heyman shift.

Unfortunately for TNA I believe that we will see, yet again, that these great Impacts will be for naught, and another story line that flops, proving that it IS Russo writing. Now I am a TNA fan, and a wrestling fan. Why do I like it? Well, it's simple, it's entertaining to watch, and I love watching good matches. Simple. Like most of you out there, I could care less about half of the story lines out there. That is what I think is the problem. TNA needs to realize that the wrestling fans out there like their story lines, short, sweet, and simple. Not long and drawn out. We lose focus. We care more about the matches. I mean jeez, The Hardy Boyz vs Edge/Christian was an amazing ladder match. What was it about, a contract to have Terri as a manager, lol. I mean no one cares, as long as it’s a good match. Now, a drawn out story line can be good, but it has to be some Epic Story line.

Let's start out with the Main Story line in TNA. Now, I don't mean Sting, that WAS the main story line, until they took focus off of it like they do. The problem with TNA (and I know this site has listed an abundant amount of them) is that they write story lines and don't know how they end. It's the truth, right now I'm hearing that they wrote this current story line with Heyman in mind, and they haven't even gotten him yet!!. Crazy. Either that, or, the ending of the story line is wayyy too long away for any one to care by the time we get to the completion. In interviews with Russo he stated that all his work has completion and that the audience needs to be patient to see it through. Well based on some of the story lines he has written he is right, however, the problem is when he gets to it, No One Cares! and they Tune Out. If any one has a chance look up Jim Cornette's latest interview, if you haven't seen it. He proves that we aren't crazy fans that don't know what we're talking about. Here is a man on the inside saying things that we have been saying for years about Russo.

Anyway, I'm losing focus. Now, on to why some story lines have been drawn out and why some might not even work. Oh I hope TNA proves me wrong. ALERT PREDICTING SPOILERS:

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