All Signs Point To Miami: LeBron's Welcome Home Party!

Santiago M. IlizaliturriContributor IJuly 8, 2010


Apparently, LeBron James is already planning a party at what seems to be his new home.  For more details just click Miami%3Furn=nba,254632">here .  All signs show that he is headed to South beach.  If so, I wish him the best , along with Chris Bosh, and of course Dwayne Wade.  This is history in the making! I just hope that they will live up to expectations.

                If you are a Miami Heat fan, you should expect nothing less than a championship.  I personally, (if he does indeed go to Miami) do not see them meeting expectations after the first season. It takes time for Superstars of this degree, to start complimenting one another’s style, and  see them winning it probably after a second season. 

If he does go to Miami, do you see the "new big three" winning it all?

(Note: Published before LeBron's Decision)