Raiders Finally Get Some Respect From NFL.COM Analyst

GoldieContributor IIJuly 8, 2010

After browsing my normal sites of bleacher report, NFL, raiders, and, I came across a video on where Fran Charles, Jamie Dukes and Charles Davis, were discussing their thoughts on "Surprise Teams for 2010". Jamie Dukes gave some bull crap answer about the Packers being a surprise team only because they are expected to beat the Vikings. But Charles Davis, gave fresh and real perspective based on facts on content. He didn't push us over the top into being a playoff team, but he did say (what I have been saying for quite a while now) is that we should go at least 8-8 on the season.

8-8 is not a winning season but it is a step in the right direction. Chucky went 8-8 in his first year coaching with us and he had to build a team. That's about where we are....BUILDING A TEAM. We have let go of the dead weight and moved some integral pieces in place to see how they will fit. This year will be a trial year for all the moves we made. Just like many of you, I get overly excited every off season about of moves we have made and what I think our chances will be, only to get slapped in the face by another losing season.  I believe that many of us are the same way right now. It would be GREAT to make the playoffs and I hope we do, but realistically I believe that we shouldn't expect more than 8-8 this year. But be pleasantly surprised if we do better.

Let your opinion be known using the poll. What do you think our record will be in 2010 (not what you want or wish it to be? lol)

Here is the link to the video if you havent seen it yet.