Riders Have No QB Problems in First, Second, or Third Strings

Brandon McCallumCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

This season the Riders have proved that they have no problems in the quarterback situation, using three of their choices at the position. Marcus Crandell, Darian Durant, and Steven Jyles are all worthy of potentially playing a No. 1 spot in the CFL.

Marcus Crandell was the Riders' main quarterback at the beginning of this 2008 CFL season until he suffered a hamstring injury early in the second quarter. Crandell is a consistent quarterback with a solid rating of 88.9 in one and a quarter of a game.

It was not a major injury whatsoever. Crandell was almost 100 percent healthy for the game yesterday against the Argos.

Darian Durant stepped in for Crandell against the Argos yesterday, but he got injured in the first drive of the game. He later tried throwing some passes after the lengthy rain delay, but he was unfit to start and required treatment for a rib injury so he went to a Regina hospital.

Durant has been the best for the Riders this season with an excellent quarterback rating of 107.4 so far. He may be the Riders' starter for the rest of the season as long as he is healthy.  

Steven Jyles was not expecting to be put in the game yesterday. At the beginning he was a little shaky, but after the rain delay he took control and immediately helped the Riders by completing a 30-yard touchdown pass to Andy Fantuz.

If the Riders need Jyles in the future they are sure to have another solid game with the third stringer. Steven has a quarterback rating of 79.3.

I think that the Riders will use Crandell next week against the Stampeders, but they should continue to give playing time to Durant and Jyles as well.

Who needs Kerry Joseph? Maybe we will even see Drew Tate in some action in the future!