LeBron James Decision: LBJ To Miami Would Destroy the NBA

Christopher EsparzaContributor IIJuly 8, 2010

If LeBron James decides to go to the Miami Heat, it will destroy the NBA.

There has never been a team packed with this much talent. Its as if team USA landed in Miami. 

No team can compete with that.

I understand that winning is important but what about competition? It will be the Lakers and the Heat every year in the finals. I as a player would not like this because I understand no team can beat the Heat.

There is such thing as getting tired of winning all the time.

Yes its great if you can win tons of championships but not if if it is this easy. What pushes a player to his greatness is the competition from the other team. If I know I'm just going to run over every team, where is the fun in that?

Already tons of people are tired of seeing the Los Angles Lakers winning every year.

If LeBron James decides to go to the Heat it wont be his team. It will always be Dwayne Wade's team. I don't understand why a player that is considered the best basketball player in the NBA settle for this. I would want to be the face of the franchise.

If I was LeBron I would sign with either the Chicago Bulls or the New Jersey Nets. They both have a great roster. For the Nets being the young but talented team that needs a superstar.

The signing of Carlos Boozer has made them a great team to be. This would make the Bulls the new big three if LeBron were to choose them. Just think Michael Jordan and LeBron James have played for the Bulls. There could be a new Air (Jordan) blowing threw the Windy City, its King James.