LeBron James Decision: Breaking Down James' Top Three Destinations

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IJuly 8, 2010

King James, The King, LJ, The Akron Hammer, the list goes on and today will be jam-packed with more LeBron-mania than ever before.

Today analysts, writers, broadcasters, heck even the president will be speculating over where James will end up at the end of tonight, and after the announcement has been made, those nicknames might never be heard through the mouths of Cleveland fans ever again.

With sources reporting that James is leaning towards joining Miami, we have certainly learned over the last few weeks that nothing is definite until it's confirmed.

So where the hell is LeBron going?

Breaking Down James' Top Three

Miami Heat

Believe it or not, I strongly think that Heat fans are sipping on way too much LeBoshade.

In a fantasy world, James teaming up with Wade and Bosh would be absolutely amazing. Three of the best players in the league would dominate the NBA for years to come, winning countless championships, and ultimately ending their careers as Hall of Famers, with Wade or James as possibly as the best to have ever played.

Realistically, it doesn't really make much sense. And with the reputation that Pat Riley has, it's unlikely that James joins forces with Wade and Bosh to create the three-headed super hero, LeBoshade.

By the numbers, if James were to squad up with the duo the team would be forced to not only shed each superstars salary by more than $3 million each, but sign numerous players to minimum contracts.

And with the Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire after next season, it doesn't seem probable that seven or eight free-agents would be willing to take major pay-cuts just to team up with Ghidorah (Japanese Three-Headed monster).

But I must admit, playing on a team with two superstars does seem extremely enticing.

Chicago Bulls

While Miami has an attractive roster (although it's composed of four players), the Bulls lineup is much more impressive from a balanced roster stand-point.

James would have a coach who even though has never been a head coach before, has the tools and knowledge to emerge as a Coach of the Year candidate year in and year out.

In addition, he'd team up with one of the best upcoming point guards in the league, a power-forward that he played with during his rookie season, and a young center that has potential to lead the league in rebounds per game every season.

The Bulls signed Carlos Boozer to convince James that Chi-town is the place to be, and with enough money to provide James with a maximum contract, what reason does LeBron have to not bolt from Cleveland to play with the Bulls?

Cleveland Cavaliers

While Cleveland has something sacred that the other two contending teams do not have (the city of Akron), the Cavaliers are also the odd man out.

This offseason, Miami had received verbal commitments from D-Wade and Chris Bosh, and Chicago has signed Carlos Boozer.

Meanwhile, Cleveland hasn't done squat.

If the city of Cleveland plans to save their economy from catastrophic disaster, they better have had pitched LBJ one heck of a presentation to convince the Akron Hammer to remain with the Cavaliers.

This offseason has had seen some of the best free-agents in the NBA, and the Cavs have unfortunately missed out on each and every one of them.

From a non-Cavalier fans perspective, the entire Cleveland organization looks pretty damn stupid for not making a move to convince LeBron into thinking that the team actually has a legitimate chance in winning a championship.

Cavalier fans beware, if James decides to leave his hometown, don't point a finger at anybody but the team that you have loved for only the last seven years.

And to you, LeBron, if you have planned this ESPN special just to explain to your city why your parting ways with them, I have lost all of my respect for you.

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