NBA Salary Cap, Miami HEAT edition!

Adam RosenthalContributor IJuly 7, 2010

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NBA Salary Cap, Miami HEAT edition!

Let me begin by saying that I am not salary cap guru, and I don’t understand every facet of how it works, rather I have a general understanding and will explain my position on it.

The NBA recently announced that the salary cap for this upcoming season will be at $58.044 million. This number has implications for many teams, but none more important than the Miami HEAT.

The salary cap can have 2 different positive effects on the Miami HEAT.

Positive Effect 1:

If the HEAT can get rid of Beasley and Chalmers contract they can basically sign LeBron, Wade, and Bosh to maximum deals. This is important because players are known for taking as much money as they can get, and before when the cap was estimated at $56million the HEAT would not have been able to offer 3 max contracts. Each player would had to have taken a minimal pay cut, where as if that situation happened now they wouldn’t.

Positive Effect 2:

(AKA The more realistic effect)

Since the chance of LeBron coming to Miami is slim to none, the $2million addition is cap space is going to help them find added help to their roster.  Ira Winderman (Miami HEAT beat writer), who writes for the Sun-Sentinel said it best “that's also $2 million in found money, sort of like finding a Dorell Wright in the couch.”

This just adds more flexibility to the players that the HEAT can attract. One example in theory could be Miami going after a player like David Lee who might accept a deal for $12million, instead of the $10million he’s been turning down.  Again, I am not saying they should go after him, but rather using him as an example of how an extra $2million could help.

With the acquisition of Bosh the possibilities are endless. The HEAT now has a market of over 100 free agents to choose from.


While writing this, two potential free agents that might have been on the HEATS radar have either agreed to terms, or are in negotiations with the Boston Celtics. Ray Allen has reportedly agreed on a two year $20million dollar deal with a player option in the second year, while Jermaine O’Neal is reportedly in talks to join them shortly.