Affliction: Banned

James ZippererCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

Affliction: Banned was by far the best MMA venue that I have watched in a long time. Not only did it have a great card it also had Megadeth perform LIVE! Affliction has set a very high president for itself with this event and can they continue to provide great fights that the MMA fan base really wants to see.

The fight card was pretty intense. Top of the list was Fedor Emilianenko and Tim Silvia. This was a decent combination, but I think that everyone knew the Fedor would come out with the W. However they didn't necessarily expect it to end in the time or manner in which it did.

Everyone was expecting to see Fedor take Tim down and dominate on the ground after maybe a round or two. Contrary to what was expected, Fedor was able to KO Silvia in 36 seconds of the first round. (Fedor—W)

Arlovsky VS Rothwell was a good matchup, but I think that all of the fans had a good idea that it would end up the way that it did. Rothwell has good hands and a great high kick that we would have liked to see him utilize more often.

Arlovski looked great and  his conditioning  was on point. This was a brawl and I commend Ben for stepping in the ring with the former UFC Heavy Weight Champ. (Arlovsky—W)

Barnett VS Rizzo was a very unexpected combination, but very entertaining. Any Pedro Rizzo fans were ecstatic to see Rizzo in the ring again. He has a history of dangerous leg kicks used to chop his opponents down.

This was the first fight that I have seen Barnett in awhile. He looked a lot sharper and in better condition. He was very aggressive and the fight went the distance. (Barnett—W)