Nexus: Would You Still Trash Talk The Angle With Daniel Bryan???

Matt ClementsCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2010

A lot has been written about the ongoing Nexus storyline on RAW.  At first, fans were riveted as this angle came completely out of nowhere and shocked the viewing audience with its brutality and freshness that we haven't seen on RAW in a long time. 

Then, as others here have pointed out, the cycle began.  Nexus explained its actions.  Nexus attacked Bret Hart at the end of the show.  Nexus destroyed the set during the Fatal Four Way PPV.  Nexus attacked Vince McMahon (again at the end of the show).  Nexus again attacked somebody, this time being Ricky Steamboat, and at least this was in the middle of the program.  The beatdowns became routine, with yet again another 450 splash by Justin Gabriel for the replay reel. 

This last RAW saw a bit of a break, where we finally received, what I called in a recent comment, the "small bit of revenge before the BIG revenge" angle with Cena and the group, but there was still nothing really new going on with the angle, regardless of this being the 5th (or 6th if you count the Fatal Four Way PPV) time a lot of attention and on air time was devoted to the Nexus angle.

This brings me to Bryan Danielson.  It's been over a month now since his release, and speculation about his release has been replaced with mere acceptance.  He's taking indy dates, some well after his 90 day no-compete clause has expired.  The IWC has more or less moved on, albeit somewhat angry and confused by the whole thing, and the WWE universe isn't chanting for Daniel Bryan like they were a few weeks ago on RAW.  The Nexus angle is moving along without him, and we are for the most part commenting on the repetition of the angle becoming boring.

Would it be the same way if Daniel Bryan were a member of the NXT 8?  The short answer is yes.  No matter the validity Danielson gave to the group in terms of wrestling acumen and an honest impact none of the other members portray, if the story was  where it is now, it would still be a boring, repetitive angle with everybody wondering if anything was actually going to happen.  None of us could defend the angle regardless of people getting their head kicked in.

Now I'm not saying there isn't life left in the Nexus angle.  It's still one of the better ideas the WWE has had for a while, I'm still curious every Monday night to see where this is going, and it can live up to something really interesting for this summer through to Survivor Series.  It can do this, but right now, it's starting to feel worn.  Danielson's presence wouldn't have helped the situation; if anything, being fired right now may have been the best thing for his wrestling career. 

He can continue to (hopefully) gain momentum, and he can make a return outside of an angle that is potentially becoming buried and dull.  The last thing he needs to be is just another guy in a group of rookies trading stiff shots and destroying stuff.