LeBron James: Legend, Winner, or Both?

Rachel MarcusCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2017

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Now that Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have joined the Heat and made Miami very happy, all of the attention turns to LeBron James.

As if it wasn't already on him.

In the past few days, Miami (Wade and Bosh), New York (Amar'é Stoudemire), Chicago (Carlos Boozer), Atlanta (Joe Johnson), and Memphis (Rudy Gay), along with others, have all become better teams.

Meanwhile, the Nets appear to be whiffing on all cylinders, but that's another story.

James now gets to make his decision.

By now we all know his options. Basically, if he goes anywhere but Miami he has a chance to become legendary.

If he goes to Miami, then he can win a championship and become legendary in that sense, which would be fitting for anyone but James, who has the ability to do more than that.

He should always want to be known as one of the greatest players ever. And although championships certainly support that notion (see MJ), racking up the individual awards matter too. Even if it seems selfish.

And it is doable. All the great ones have done it.

But if LeBron joins Miami in search of a championship, he shouldn't expect to break any scoring records. Especially since Wade and Bosh are on the team. (Who else is on that team?)

I think LeBron can handle both, but he needs to be the star of a team. And he can be the star of a winning team. We've seen him be the star of a very good team, but can he be the star of a championship team?

If he puts his mind to it, then yes, he can.

So, will LeBron James end up as an MVP of the NBA Finals? Well, he has a long, long way to go if he ever plans on catching up to MJ.

I don't think he or anyone else can top Jordan, but if he wants to win in individual and team areas, Miami's not the place.

James needs a good team, but not good enough that he's forced to share star power.

And after all of this build-up, we'll finally see what's most important to him.