What Chris Bosh Means to Miami's Climb Back on Top

Shaun WeissmanContributor IDecember 27, 2016

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

This is supposed to be the free agent class that changes the course of basketball. It's a brilliant edit to an already entertaining NBA script.

LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Amare Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer—the list goes on like a 12th grade physics lecture.

It goes without saying that there is enough big time talent in this class to turn a good team into a great team. The Miami Heat are now the first to make that leap.

We are only in the first week of the free agent frenzy, and no contracts can be signed until Thursday, but the addition of Bosh gives Miami their best chance to succeed since their first championship run in 2006.

It's still unknown how Bosh will become a member of the Heat (could be a straight signing or a sign and trade), but the path to the finals has definitely cleared up a bit for Miami.

Bosh is long, athletic, and coming off a season where he had career highs in points per game (24), rebounds (almost 11 per game), and field goal percentage (51.8).

He gives Miami a presence inside offensively that will take a big load off of D-Wade's shoulders.

Bosh should be able to run an effective pick and roll with Wade, and the five time All-Star forward's skill set should get the Miami shooters more open looks.

Wade, already one of the league's best slashers, finally has someone that he can dish the ball to while he draws defenders around the rim.

Udonis Haslem did his best to fill that role, and he's knocked down some big shots for Miami in his career there, but he wasn't a legitimate force. Bosh has been just that for Toronto and should continue on the Heat.

So Miami knows what they are paying for as they draw contracts up for Wade and Bosh, although they'll probably wait to see where LeBron goes before they make the check final.

Bosh and Wade alone provide the new look Miami Heat a chance to compete with the other contenders, and the team still has over half a roster to fill.

All championship teams have solid role players, and as time progresses this offseason, the Heat will need to fill their roster to close the holes that they have now.

They've got the stars (rejoice Miami fans, you have multiple go-to guys again). Now all Miami needs are the bargain players willing to play any role necessary to win a championship.

Who knows, maybe LBJ will join Wade and Bosh to assemble one of the greatest (if not the greatest based on pure talent) trios in basketball history.

With or without LeBron, it may not be too early to say that the Heat are back in contention.