"Cody", Episode 2, "A New Day"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2010

As months, weeks, and days passed, Willis seemed to be getting more and more control of Cody's actions. Cody was lashing out, being defiant and stealing staples from any stapler in a 10 foot radius. Willis came up with this ingenious plan right when WrestleMania was around the corner...

Willis: Cody...wake up...it's time for another day of destruction and chaos...

Cody: Not today Willis, these past couple months were fun, but destruction and chaos has not been good for my beauty sleep.

Willis: *sigh*

Cody: *snores*

Willis: *Cody slaps himself in the face* WAKE UP YOU INSUFFICENT BUFFOON!!

Cody: *rubs cheek* Ow. Why did you have to hit me? I thought we were friends!

Willis: It's tough love, my boy.

So Cody gets up relucantly, and walks over to the kitchen and over hears Randy and Ted talking...

Randy: So what do you think about Cody lately?

Ted: Randy, we have been waffle-less for the past couple of months and I need my waffles in the morning!

Randy: What does that have to do with Cody?

Ted: Cody, he's a pushover, and now that he's not, he hasn't been making waffles for us anymore! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Randy: *shakes Ted violently* Ted! You are not making any sense!

Ted: You don't get, do you? *walks away silently*

Randy: *thinks*

After the conversation was over, Cody began to feel really guilty and sad.

Cody: Willis? I've been really mean lately. I've hurt my friends...


Cody: I guess...

Randy: Cody? Who are you talking to?

Cody: Oh! I was just....uh....deep in thought!

Randy: *looks at Cody, not convinced*

Cody: (awkwardly) So? How 'bout some waffles? *chuckles nervously*

Ted: Well, this was good, me and Randy are gonna go hit the gym, wash the dishes, will ya?

Cody: Hmph!

Willis: C'mon Cody. Just like we practiced...

Cody: *thinks* But Willis, I'm scared. What will Randy say?

Willis: Just do it! *coughs* I mean, I believe in YOU!

So while Ted was getting his duffel bag, Cody mustered up enough courage and emitted these 2 fatal letters:

Cody: No.

Ted: *looks up, amazed* What did you say?

Cody: *swallows* I...said...no.

Ted: *walks up to Cody* Excuse me?

Cody: *pushes Ted violently* I SAID NO!

Ted: *gets taken aback* Uh ok, Cody! Wait until Randy hears about this! *runs out of room*

Willis: Good job Cody! *Cody wraps arms around self* I'm so proud of you!

Cody: (shocked) I....I, I, I....need to get out of here!

Willis: What? Why?

Cody: (gulp) Just listen.

In the foyer, by the door, where Randy was just about to leave, Cody & Willis hear two voices, and one voice in particular was booming.

Randy: WHAT DID HE DO?! I AM GOING TO F**KING PUNT HIM SO HARD...(inaudible screaming)

Willis: Um, yea, I think it should be time to go.

Cody: But what about my G.I Joes?

Willis: They'll be fine, WE NEED TO GO! *Cody runs out the back door*

A couple minutes later, we find Cody and Willis at the airport, waiting in line, where he sees a familiar face...

Familiar Face: Welcome to Southwest, how may I...*looks up*...Cody!

Cody: Excuse me, do I know you?

Familiar Face: Yes, it's me, Doris!

Cody: Uh, hi, Doris!

Doris: I still remember that day at the gym....I dream about it every night...

Cody: *chuckles nervously* I just want a plane ticket, Doris.

Doris: Anything for you, Codykins!

Cody: *walks by and shudders*

Finally, after so long, they get to the plane, back to Georgia! Willis decides to break the awkward silence.

Willis: So? Who was that “Doris”?

Cody: Um, she was just an old friend, hehe.

Willis: Are you sure? I would like to know about that time in the gym…

Cody: I really don’t want to talk about it.

Willis: C’mon…

Cody: NO!

People look at Cody and murmur to themselves…

Cody: (whispers) Not now, Willis!

Willis: Fine, I’m off to Florida! Let me know when we land!

Cody: *sighs and puts in earphones* Zzzzz….

The plane intercom comes on….

Intercom: This is your captain. We are landing in Atlanta, Georgia. Please exit in a calm and

orderly fashion.

Cody: Zzzzz….

Willis: CODY!

Cody: *jumps up* WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED?

Stewardess: We’re landing sir.

Cody: Oh! Hehe, thanks!

So Cody and Willis get off the plane, and Cody puts on his sunglasses in order to be disguised.

Fan: Hey are you Cody Rhodes?

Cody: (thinks) Willis? What do I say?

Willis: Play it cool.

Cody: *crosses arms* It depends who’s asking.

Fan: Well, I’m your biggest fan! I’m Elmo by the way!

Cody: Oh well in that case, what do you have for me to sign?

Elmo: Well, I kinda wanted a picture and a message.

Cody: A message? What kind?

Elmo: On my phone…if that’s too much, I understand…

Cody: Oh no! That’s totally cool.

Elmo: Really? Eeeh!

Cody: Where’s your phone?

Elmo: Right here.

Cody: Hey you! Punk! This is Cody Rhodes! You’ve reached my man, Elmo. Leave him a

message or you’ll have to deal with the Legacy.

Elmo: Oh that was great!

Cody: No problem, Kid.

Elmo: Before you go, I think you should leave the Legacy. You are waaay better than Randy or


Cody: Thanks kid. That means a lot.

Elmo: Ok bye!!

A few moments later…

Willis: See! Even that kid thinks so!

Cody: *sighs* I just want to go home…

Willis: Feeling homesick?

Cody: Ya, I guess…

Cody: *gets in Rent-A-Car* Back to Marietta…

An hour or two later, we see a pleasant white and yellow house in the distance…

Willis: *bursts out laughing* When you hide from Randy, you stay with….your MOM?

Cody: Ya! So what?

Mrs. Runnels: Cody Bear! What are you doing here?

Cody: I’m having problems with Randy and Ted again.

Mrs. Runnels: Oh! Well, come in! I just made cookies!

Cody: I’m not in the mood…

Mrs. Runnels: They’re Chocolate with Chocolate Chunks and Almond, your favorite…

Cody: In that case, COUNT ME IN!

Mrs. Runnels: I just finished organizing your G.I Joes and your comics this morning! I organized

your G.I Joes by rank and your comics by value!

Cody: You’re the best, Mom! *hugs Mom*

Willis: Wow…*sighs*

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This season on “Cody”, be sure to watch where the Legacy forever breaks apart, Cody finally snaps, Willis gets a crush, and Cody (with Willis’ help) finally becomes, “DASHING”!


(P.S If you are confused in any way, please consult the previous series "It's A Legacy Thang!")


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