2010 FIFA World Cup: Paul, The Famous Psychic Octopus, Predicts a Spain Win

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJuly 7, 2010

The World Cup may be all over for Germany if it is up to Paul...the psychic octopus.

Paul is famous in Germany for predicting most of Germany's results right. He has predicted five games correct so far for them on their World Cup path.

To predict the winner, two boxes are placed in front of him. He then opens up one of the boxes, and most of the time, it ends up the winning team.

He predicted Germany would win all their matches so far. The only one he got wrong was their game against Serbia where they lost 1-0.

Can an octopus really be psychic though. All of the previous games he has chosen the German box. It might just be luck that he goes to the same box.

However, this time he opened the box with the Spanish flag. He predicts Spain will win tonight's semi-final.

He may have been watching the tournament though. Both teams have looked good, and Spain has always been favourites for total success this year.

If Paul says Spain will win, the odds are good for a Spain victory.

It might be worth putting a few squid on them ....


If Paul gets this right, I will put £100 on who ever he predicts to win in the final.