Re-Drafting The Ruskell Era: A 2005 Retrospect

12th ManContributor IJuly 7, 2010

I would call the unanimous criticism of former GM Ruskell a bit unfair considering he did construct the mediocre defense that aided our powerhouse offense in reaching the Super Bowl.

That was before the jackass let our roster fall apart right before our eyes, and ran my favorite coach of all time out the door.

Now before this turns into an all out lashing, Ruskell did have some good picks; Tatupu, Hill, Mebane, Wilson, and Carlson can all be considered to at least be good starters.

There are however far more duds on his record than studs. This retrospect is meant to give Seahawks fans a look at just how bad some of his misses were.

Now, calling someone out because they missed a stud that happens to play another position than the one they targeted isn’t valid cherry picking.

The criteria for my selections are that they have to play a similar position. For example if the bust played left guard and there was a much better right guard available that is valid.

If the bust played center and the stud was a left tackle that would be invalid; I will however provide a list of the prominent players picked shortly after our pick just for schitzengiggles.

Without further adieu, feel free to shake your heads in shame when you catch some of the names on this list, I know I did.

Our pick, Chris Spencer 25th overall.

I would find it tough for anyone to argue that Chris Spencer can be considered a good starting center. In fact, the only starting center in the league I wouldn’t prefer over him is Geoff Hangartner from the Buffalo Bills.

What could have been:

Logan Mankins, 32nd overall, New England

Anyone who brings up the fact he’s a guard can eat crow, Chris Gray retired around the same time Robbie Tobeck did; the need for a replacement at both positions was blatantly obvious.

Mankins, a one time All Pro, and two time pro bowler with 80 consecutive starts, is widely regarded as one of the best guards in the NFL

Jason Brown, 124th overall, Baltimore

Brown is regarded as a top ten center and commanded a top dollar $40 million contract on the open market from the St. Louis Rams.

Other notable players picked within one round:

Roddy White, Luis Castillo, Logan Mankins, Mike Patterson, Michael Roos, Vincent Jackson, Jonathan Babineux, Darrent Williams, Nick Collins, Corey Webster

Our pick...

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