2010 Ricky Stanzi Profile

hawkeye gamefilmContributor IJuly 6, 2010

Player Name: Ricky Stanzi

‘09 Position: QB

’09 Season Stats: 171/304(56.2 Comp%) (7.95 YPA) 2417 Yards 17TD 15INT

'09 Game by game Grade:





Iowa St




Penn St


Arkansas St






Michigan St






Ohio St




Georgia Tech




Season Totals:



Strengths: Touch on deep ball, Ability to throw on the run, Leadership.

Weaknesses: Velocity Control, Mechanics/Using body to make throws, Decision making.


For a guy with a sparkling record of 18-4 as a starter Stanzi has made a lot of poor decisions. Equally he has made a lot of big plays as well.  He had a respectable 8 YPA over 300+ attempts but his completion percentage was on the low side at 56%.  Even at his worst Stanzi managed to win games, including a 3rd quarter total melt down against Indiana. Shows adequate arm strength but is inconsistent with zip on passes. Seems to relax on some flat and short routes and the ball will hang up longer than it should. Drop back footwork is solid and gets set quickly. Sells play action well and shows good patience letting crossers move into holes in zones.


Based on watching his ’08 and ’09 film Stanzi should be able to make significant improvements in terms of his decision making and consistency. The physical tools are there and the leadership skills are as well.  His only real concerns will be how well the OL protects him. He took 23 sacks last year(1.8/game and 8% of pass attempts) and his completion % also was driven down by issues in pass protection. With a young OL this is a bit of a concern but I would expect some of that mitigated by rolling out more and keeping backs in more frequently.


’10 Projection: Season total Grade: +27

195/330(59.0 Comp %) (7.72 YPA) 2550 Yards 22TD 12INT