Frank Crumley Named Interim Georgia AD

Dylan MartinContributor IIIJuly 6, 2010

What a summer it has been for college football. At the start of the summer there was the infamous expansion with a few teams leaving their conference to join another. Then Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville proclaimed that the end of the Big 12 will be soon.

Now a much darker story has risen in Athens, Georgia.

Damon Evans, the University of Georgia Athletic Director, was arrested for DUI with a 28-year-old woman with him. Evans resigned not long after the incident, creating a black eye for the institution.

This has certainly set a panic in Dawgs country who are coming off the hangover of the worst season of Mark Richt's career. Because of that it seems Richt is on the hot seat. Well, this can at least simmer down for a while as UGA president Michael Adams has named an interim AD. 

Here is what I know Crumley is now the interim AD which means there still is a search for a new AD. Adams released a statement saying " would not surprise me if the search takes 6-12 months." another statement from Adams said "...we will first look outside UGA staff for the new AD."

While the search will begin outside the staff neither Crumley or any staff members have been ruled out.