Raw Rebound: Time is A Virtue That's Never on Our Side

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Raw Rebound: Time is A Virtue That's Never on Our Side

Last week saw Alicia Fox face off against Gail Kim and Eve Torres with her not-so-welcoming partner, Maryse. There was no character development, and the match never picked up until Gail got in the ring. We saw flashes of tension between Alicia and Maryse, but did it progress tonight? Let's find out:

[YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boo14xuklB8 ]

John Morrison made his way out first, and then we discovered he would be facing Ted DiBiase. But Ted didn't come out alone—oh no—Ted was arm-in-arm with his lovely lady friend Maryse! And hello! Did she look good, or what?! Maryse headed to commentary as the match began.

Honestly, I could care less about the in-ring action at that point because all of my attention was on Maryse. She thanked Michael Cole sarcastically for calling her a "golddigger" last week. She proceeded to let him know that he was worthless. There was more witty banter between Maryse and Cole as the match went on, and at one point she even yanked out her cell phone to answer.

It was totally disrespectful and hilarious at the same time. That's what makes Maryse's character, though. The fact that you can hate her for whatever reason, yet still find her laughable is what makes her special. Towards the end of the match, Maryse set up a win for DiBiase by slapping on Morrison's coat and distracting him at ringside. Ted took advantage, hitting "Dream Street" for the pin and win. As Ted celebrated, Maryse dumped Morrison's coat on top of his face like yesterday's trash.

See? Now, that's why we love Maryse. She is just so good at playing her character, and no matter what management tells her to do, she always seems to outshine everyone else. I don't know about you guys, but my attention was on Maryse the whole time. I couldn't have cared less about the match, and the only time I did care was when Maryse set up the win.

I like this extra layer added to Maryse now. Not only is she arrogant, funny, and just a tad crazy, but now she's a golddigger as well. It also seems that this relationship with Ted is solely materialistic, which could set up a breakup in the future. One last thing to note about this whole dynamic is that we all know the history between John Morrison and Melina, and with the Paparazzi Princess' return right around the corner, this could be quite an interesting feud to partake in.

Both women have the tools to get the fans interested. They have the charisma, the attitude, the facial expressions, and just about everything else down to a science. They both know how to manage a superstar correctly, and we know Melina can pull a good match out of just about anyone, so a Metro vs Tedyse feud could work perfectly. Not to mention the fact that a couples feud hasn't been seen in years, so it would be something new that, right off the bat, fans would love to see. Overall, Maryse was made of win tonight.

All the way at the end of the night we finally got some Divas action, and it all began backstage. Watch below:

[dailymotion id=xdxsyr]

Josh interviewed the Usos and Tamina first. Loving Tamina's outfit there, and she really looks so distinct and fierce—it's amazing! The Usos did their little part, and then it was Tamina's turn. She enlightened Josh before one of the twins assured him they would be the tag team champs. The three walked off and Josh thanked them before having his attention turned to Alicia Fox.

She tapped him on the shoulder, looking pretty serious. Ms. Foxy went on to ask why she hadn't been interviewed since winning the Divas Championship two weeks prior. She asked if it was because she's not worthy enough, and this garnered nice little reactions from the crowd. In the end, she stated that her win was not a fluke, and that she would prove it when she faced Eve in the next match.

Well, first of all, we should all count our blessings, because promo time not used on Maryse is something extremely rare in this day and age. The promos weren't bad, and each girl did what they were supposed to, but to be honest, Alicia's promo outshined the Usos' and Tamina's. People say she tries too hard, and that she's forced, but I think she was really natural in this promo. She has great stage presence, and we all know Alicia's loaded with a ton of charisma.

I do think she's over the top, and 'feels' forced, but I think that's what makes her character. That's what makes her special and unique. It's as if she feels so plastic and fake, yet you buy into what she says anyway. I especially liked that she strutted off and pretty much ignored Josh the entire interview by not looking at him. It made it look as though she thinks she's above him, and added that extra "oomph" to the promo.

Now for the match:

[YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRNrgQgglGo&hd=1 ]

Alicia, already in the ring, showed off her title to the crowd. A replay of Fatal 4way is shown, and the fans again get to see how Alicia won the title. Eve then came out to great reactions from the crowd, proving that if WWE puts enough effort into the Divas, the fans will care. I loved Eve's outfit, and I like that she has her hair straightened now.

The bell rang, and the Divas locked up. This was short-lived, however, as the champ elbowed Eve twice, whipping her to the ropes and prepping for an overhead takeover. Eve telegraphed this, rolling off of Alicia's back with her own and following up with two dropkicks. Eve hit a clothesline and went for a pin but only received a two. Eve took the champion to the corner, flipping her on her back, and attempted to continue her offensive streak.

The ref didn't allow it, though, because Alicia seemed to be hurt. I, for one, completely bought Alicia's injury. She was selling it really well, shrieking but still trying to continue on. The only thing that made me change my mind was how relentless Eve was. If it were a real injury, any competitor would have been shocked. They would have just backed off as the ref checked on their hurt opponent and thought up a way to quickly end the match, ala Beth and Rosa.

The fans booed, and the former champion ran at Alicia, only to garner a knee to the face. The current champion wasted no time taking advantage, axe-kicking the holy hell out of Eve's head! It really looked like Alicia just took Eve's head off there! Obviously, after having a miraculous recovery, Alicia won the match. Alicia then pranced around the ring, taunting the crowd about her 'injury' as she walked off.

Well, short as it might have been, I think Alicia and Eve utilized the time they were given perfectly, and the night as a whole was all about character development for the women. Alicia finally got to show people some of that great charisma she's packing, and I loved it! As I said, Alicia is very over-the-top, but isn't that what wrestling is all about? Bigger-than-life people and actions? And Alicia gets that. I was definitely proud of her for really taking center stage tonight. She sold that kayfabe injury like her life depended on it, then hit her always-beautiful axe kick for the win.

The only jibes I had tonight were the placing of everything and the amount of time given. I watched the entire Raw broadcast tonight, and I was just absolutely desperate for the Divas to come on. Why would they place it at the end of the night when everyone's tired and ready to start leaving? That's just stupid. They could have easily tacked everything on at the start of the show, especially considering how short everything was.

That was another problem. Why make it so short when people are anticipating it? We think like this: if we wait long for something, it damn well better be worth it. While tonight wasn't horrible, it sure wasn't worth it either. It just makes everything seem so unplanned and sloppy when it comes to management. Plus, it makes it seem like management doesn't give two shits about the Divas, and that's just not right. Even if you don't care, pretend that you do. Fake it 'til you make it, people!

Now, where can they go from here? A lot of people want Melina vs Alicia, but at this point, I think SmackDown is more likely to see Melina return. Also, I think this is an interesting angle to put Alicia and Eve in. Have Alicia continually sneak a victory out when facing Eve, and this could be the basis of the feud. Plus, I would much rather have Melina and Morrison vs Ted and Maryse. That way, there could be two feuds, Melina and Maryse could get rubs from being with the men, and this could segue into Melina being top face afterwards. So many possibilities, and so much time. But will the Raw team screw it up?


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