Wrestling Rumor: Kurt Angle Is Seriously Considering Retirement

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Wrestling Rumor: Kurt Angle Is Seriously Considering Retirement
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"I gotta reevaluate. I'm pretty banged up. I've put a lot of effort into TNA as well. When I got there, they really weren't wrestling that much. Right when I got there, it was... 'Kurt Angle got there, okay, we'll start having more shows.'

"My schedule became pretty heavy pretty quickly, but the last year or so they kind of backed off a little bit and knew they needed to take care of me if they want me in a little bit longer.

"Physically, I'm fine. The problem is I'm 41 years old now. It's lot harder for me to recuperate.

"I'd say the last year-and-a-half have been the most difficult on me... I'm finding out that my body is not recuperating as fast as it used to.

"I was able to jump up out of bed and go and work out right away for the last 39 years, and then the last year-and-a-half has been a struggle... That's what TNA has done for me."

That was the quote from Kurt Angle yesterday on a local radio show when he was asked about his contract status with TNA. Angle has been banged up for almost his entire career, now he might feel that it is the time to retire.

Angle is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the industry, and his retirement would be a stunning blow to not only TNA but to all of pro wrestling.

If Angle is considering retirement, then you may even see Angle rejoin the WWE to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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