Duck Fans Will Miss Todd Doxey, They Just Don't Know It Yet

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJuly 27, 2008

For those who have not payed attention to Duck Football News these past couple of weeks, Todd Doxey, a redshirt freshman safety for the Oregon Ducks Football Team, tragically died in a Eugene hospital after a near drowning in the McKenzie River in Linn County, OR. Doxey was spending a day on the river with some teammates, inner-tubing. Doxey and his teammates would jump off a bridge over the river, with an inner-tube, and float down the river. The only problem was that there were not enough inner-tubes to go around, one short to be exact. Guess who didn't have an inner-tube...Doxey. Doxey jumped into the river without an inner-tube. By the time that his teammates noticed that Doxey was struggling, they were too far downstream to help him quickly. His brain had been deprived from oxygen for too long, and he later died in a Eugene hospital.

For those who don't know who Todd Doxey was, let's just say that he was a four star recruit, who was set to take over as safety next year when Patrick Chung graduates and leaves for the pros. He redshirted last season so that he could keep an extra year of eligibility in order to maximize his playing time and tenure at the U of O.

High School Teammates of Doxey have raved over his spectacular character, his intellect, and his talent for the game. His autopsy later revealed that alcohol was not a factor in his death.

Not only do the Ducks loose a great player on defense, which has somewhat been a rare commodity since defensive coordinator Nick Alliotti introduced his character over talent policy, but they also loose a great person; a hard worker who never stops looking for ways to get better; a smart athlete; a smart student; an overall amazing individual.

Even though his stay at the U of O wasn't long, his playing time not extensive, once Patrick Chung leaves, or if he gets injured like our misfortunes last season, Duck Fans will start to lament over the player they never knew.