Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Isn't the New RAW General Manager

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Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Isn't the New RAW General Manager

After the past several weeks where the new General Manager of RAW preferred to remain anonymous, the identity of the new leader of the A-show became a bit clearer last Monday when recognizable catchphrases were uttered by RAW lead announcer Michael Cole throughout the show.

But just because he ‘said so’, the ‘bottom line’ is that it doesn’t necessarily mean Stone Cold Steve Austin is the GM of RAW.

And here’s why.

Quite frankly, it’s too obvious. The WWE, and especially Vince McMahon, are commonly known for changing creative plans when they are leaked ahead of time. If the WWE themselves are making it seem that the new GM is a certain rattlesnake, then in actuality, the bite won’t hold the same venom.

I will admit that once the catchphrases were dropped during RAW last Monday, I was excited. I’ve always been a fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin and he was single-handedly responsible for the “Attitude Era” and leading the company ahead of WCW in the late 90s.  The possibility of Stone Cold returning to create havoc and reign supreme on RAW is intriguing.

However, it is also the case of “been there, done that.”

Back in 2003, Stone Cold Steve Austin was co-GM with Eric Bischoff and while it delivered entertaining television, it just wasn’t the same as when Austin was wrestling each week. Yes, Austin has continued to make appearances for the WWE, as recently as March, since he was removed from the GM position nearly seven years ago, but I think the WWE needs to bring in someone who has never held a certain position of power.

Someone such as...The Rock?

Now, I know what you may be thinking: Why would The Rock use Stone Cold Steve Austin’s catchphrases if he were really the new GM of RAW?

My opinion: To get people talking. It is obvious that the WWE, while still a multi-billion dollar company that brings in nearly 15 million viewers each week for its television shows, is not what it used to be. Ever since the purchase of WCW over nine years ago (yes, it’s been that long), the WWE has been lacking that ‘X-factor’ of excitement that made the company “must-see” during its Attitude Era years.

So by hyping up a possible full-time return of Stone Cold Steve Austin, it gets the fans talking. It catches the ears of long-time fans who continue to follow the product as well as  the attention of those who used to watch the promotion and have distanced themselves since the late-90s.

There have been rumors for several months that The Rock wanted to be a special guest host for RAW during the summer, so it would make sense that The Rock is the new GM. Furthermore, it’s not as if The Rock has to be completely absorbed in everything WWE if he were to return.

Whether Stone Cold Steve Austin truly is the new GM of RAW, or whether it is The Rock or even someone we’re not thinking about. The fact is the WWE usually doesn’t make things too obvious in the WWE Universe.

So as we continue to watch RAW the next few weeks and the Stone Cold references continue to be mentioned, don’t assume that “the Rattlesnake” is the one calling the shots on RAW.

Because, like I’ve said in the past, you know what happens when you assume...

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