WWE Releases Preliminary PPV Buy Rates for 'Over The Limit'

Jason TaylorCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2010

According to The Pro Wrestling Torch, World Wrestling Entertainment has released a preliminary figure of 229,000 PPV buys for the "Over The Limit" PPV this past May. In comparison, it's predecessor "Judgment Day" drew 228,000 total PPV buys last year.

The official buy total will be announced next month when WWE reports their second quarter earnings. The breakdown of domestic vs. international buys will be a better indicator of what the actual revenue from the PPV will be.

Domestic PPV buys are declining and WWE raised the price by $5 this year. International PPV buys are on the rise, but the price point is significantly lower than in the U.S.

Although the preliminary figures are equal to last year's total PPV buys, WWE could report less revenue, despite the $5 domestic price increase. The final number will depend on if there were more international PPV buys than last year.

Here's a breakdown of PPV numbers for Judgment Day and Over The Limit for the past four years.

2007 Judgment Day: 242,000 buys

2008 Judgment Day: 252,000 buys

2009 Judgment Day: 228,000 buys

2010 Over The Limit: 229,000 buys (preliminary)