Brickyard Tire Problems

Mike DiMauro@miked31784Senior Writer IJuly 27, 2008

I hope that you were not watching or hearing the race on Sunday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was one of the most terrible races I have ever witnessed in my life.

A race is suppose to be fun and competitive. Sunday's race was not near that level. It seemed like there was a caution every 12 laps, six of those were competitive cautions because of the tires. 11 cautions overall for 52 laps. The longest green flag run was 12 laps.

What was the problem with Sunday's race? THE TIRES.

NASCAR should never have a race like that again. If you want to test the tires or the track, HAVE A TEST SESSION! Do not test the tires during a RACE!

I also understand that Goodyear had to select the best tires for the track, but they should have done it during a test session.

Also, isn't there a track nearby that the lower two series of NASCAR races at? O'Reilly Motor Park? If they had the problems with the tires at IMS, why couldn't they move the race to the other track? I do not think they were having problems with tires at that racetrack.