Lance Stephenson: What Were They Thinking?

Del ChocContributor IIJuly 5, 2010

On Draft Night in New York City, we knew who was going first—John Wall—but we didn't know who was going where after that.

One of those players carrying the template of uncertainty was Lance Stephenson.  

And before June 24, there was no question that Stephenson did carry baggage. Attitude issues followed him. So in a way, it was rather odd watching him take the roads contrary to John Wall, who was victimized by the Coney Island native at one point in time. It was the price Stephenson's reputation had to pay.

But in asking experts randomly, they'll tell you flat-out: Lance's Pre-Draft Camp was something of a revival. He came into Chicago with impressive measurements, expecting   a possible mid-first to late first round selection.

Not giving to the doubters, Stephenson managed to establish a non-physical interplay with a fan in the bleachers, going by the name Larry Bird. Bird, who picked Lance 40th to the Indiana Pacers, was convinced that the heady, tough and capable creator could address a crucial need.

The need? Point guard.

Although Lance is 6-foot-5, Coach Jim O'Brien adheres to the notion of him running their club come start of training camp.

And while I'm sitting here, in the mending, Stephenson not only looks the part of a steal, as he destroyed Orlando's Jerome Randle with 17 points and a boat-load of nice passes, but looks very probable for R.O.Y..

Which leads me to my question: What were the other 29 teams thinking?